Snowy Springtime!

The five witches, plotting and scheming around their (as of yet, invisible) cauldron!


Happy Friday, everyone! 

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s going on in 1-2 Land (a very fun place to be) these days…


  • During this week’s Daily 5, we have been comparing different versions of fairy tales. We discussed our third version of “Rumpelstiltskin” today, and all readers are using their Writing About Reading notebooks to record their thoughts and observations. Venn Diagrams, lists, and questions are being jotted down left and right – be sure to check in with your reader about these literary notes!
  • Our play practices are cruising right along. It’s fun to see the set pieces evolve as our scene solidifies. Actors and actresses are, for the most part, off-script, and lines and songs are sounding fabulous. The next step for all first and second graders is to become familiar with transitions on and off of the stage. To help with this task, we are sharing our script with you all… just in case your kiddo’s paper copy has disappeared. Keep your eyes peeled for a shared doc! (If you can’t access the shared script, then just let us know. We’ll email you a copy.)
  • You probably saw Cindy’s email that included our upcoming “Week at the Wheeler” schedule. Be sure to read over this document, slowly and carefully. It’s a doozy. To add to this mixed-up awesomeness, our particular learning center has different options for transportation to and from the Wheeler that week. Our 1-2 options are clearly laid out on a two-sided paper that is in your child’s homework folder this afternoon. Monday (4/30) and Tuesday (5/1) are the biggest changes from the rest of the school. We spend the morning at the Wheeler and then the afternoon back at school. There is an option for you to pick up your child at school (instead of driving all the way up to town) on those afternoons.
    • Take next week to compare your family’s schedule with the options from school, and if you can return the paper with your child’s transportation choices to us by next Friday (4/27), then we will be most grateful.
    • Please let us know if you have ANY questions about the week at the Wheeler. It gets confusing, and we’re here to help.
  • Thanks for checking in with our volunteer website for the days leading up to, and including, the nights of the performances. This is truly a community production, and we appreciate everyone’s help.


  • Next week: The final week of Explorers’ Club! Your scientists are excited to show off all that they’ve learned. Portfolio Night is going to be our Public Display of Awesomeness, so stay tuned!
  • Friday, 4/27: Wheeler Week transportation papers are DUE!
  • Monday, 4/30 – Friday, 5/4: Week at the Wheeler
  • Wednesday, 5/9: Portfolio Night and Outdoor Ed Info Night


  • THANK YOU for our successful El Tioga this week! Next step: Rounding out our Outdoor Ed supplies as we prepare for this year’s trip.
  • Thanks, Samila, for the yummy apple bread!
  • Thanks, Brooke and Margot, for the delicious birthday cupcakes!
  • Thanks, Yosefa, for organizing the Salad Gal lunches!

That’s our news from the classroom. Here’s wishing you a warmer and not-so-sloppy weekend!

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie (who’s actually in not-snowy Hawaii until 4/30!)