Spring Time!

Spring at ACS, it’s a time of incredible fun, engagement and learning.  Our 3-4 students are off to the Canyonlands after weeks of preparation. They will carry heavy packs, camp out, and learn about this unique desert environment. The K-2 are leaving next week for John Kelly’s ranch in New Castle. They are setting up tents, learning how to comfort a home sick classmate and wrapping up important academic work like ” Explorers Club.” The 5-7th graders are engaged in “arts choice” –  intensive study with a skilled artist. And the 8th graders are back from San Francisco where they served the homeless, roamed Alcatraz and visited Facebook.   It’s a rich time and we are all grateful for being together on our beautiful mesa..

Oh, and every once in a while I like to check in on the outside world. Here is something I saw in the Vail Daily this week:

“Colorado charter schools outperformed all public schools in the nation. If we only look at all of Colorado’s eighth-graders, including charters, they come in at 17th place out of 50 states in math and eighth place in reading. National averages are 24th and 25th, respectively. Congratulations to all eighth-grade students, teachers and parents.”