Highlights: The Ks are stoked on many levels. They are having such a good time learning lots of dance moves with the CTB crew. They are excitedly learning about their Explorers’ club animals. On Friday, there was a lovely hum in the classroom. The kids were completely engaged learning about their Explorers’ topics.
Language Arts: Reading: In conjunction with the CTB artist theme, the Ks watched a short video about Leonardo Da Vinci. Afterwards the Ks talked about how Leonardo was incredibly curious and inventive. We invited the Ks to think of something they could create that could possibly make the world a better place. They sketched their ideas. Next week they will have a chance to turn their 2D designs into 3D. See Notes to see how you can help. When they are finished making their 3D designs, they will have an opportunity to write a How to Book. 
Writing: The Ks continued working on their How to Books. On Tuesday morning, we took advantage of modeling how to write a How to Book when Officer Cameron Daniel gave the Ks a tattoo. The book, How to Get a Tattoo, had numerous steps that the kids collectively figured out.
In addition, the Ks have been using their writing skills to write facts about their animals. Please note that after your child hears an excerpt about his/her topic. Have your child tell you what he/she heard and what he/she wants to write about. This comprehension process is key to helping the child share what he/she learned. If your child responds by saying “I don’t know what to write about” stop and check for understanding by asking questions or reread the text. Good readers reread a text they don’t comprehend. We want to encourage all the Ks to put their thoughts into their own words versus copying the words from a book.

Math: The focus continued to be on counting, measuring, collecting, recording and counting up. The Ks played Build it, Change it which was initially challenging. They kept reverting to a game they had learned the week before call Build it. This week they had to either add or subtract the total amount.

Homework: Please help your child find recycled objects he/she can use or share with a K for their Leonardo Da Vinci inventions. The rest of the homework should be easy for you to explain to your child.
Gratitude: Thank you all for interviewing and recording your child’s Explorers’ Club answers. Thank you Maria, Emira, Alli, and Kathy for reading nonfiction excerpts to the Ks. Thank you Tanim and Aminah for the snacks. The Ks especially appreciated the cookies Tanim helped make. Thank you Christine for taking a bunch of pictures of Officer Cameron.

Upcoming Dates: February 2 – Regular school day K-8. February 6- 6 pm CTB performance. February 9 – No school teacher work day. February 17 – Hoedown – Our ACS/CCS family fundraiser at Cozy Point Ranch.

Notes: The Ks came up and drew their plans for inventions that they thought could make the world a better place. Look for your child’s plan in his/her math section. Help your child think of recycled objects he/she can use to turn his 2D into a 3D plan. Have your child bring his materials by Tuesday.
Volunteer Needs:
We need reading helpers to help the Ks read about their Explorers’ Club animals. The ideal time would be the morning when you drop off your child or 12:45- 1:45. Let us know when you are available.
1/30 11:00-11:55 We need help taking the kids skiing at school.
1/31 2 volunteers to come at 9:00 -10:00 and 2 Volunteers to come at 11:00-11:50 to help the Ks create their drawing into 3D.
A volunteer to glue in finished letter pages into the ABC Books.
A volunteer to help on Friday. Come for the whole day or part of the day.

Have a great week,
Annie & Margaret

PS We are having technical difficulties. Hopefully, we’ll be able to add a few more photos and a wonderful video of ‘Cowboy Jim’ later on this week. Stay Tuned.