Holy shamolies, we made it through our first full week of school! Nicely done, everyone!

In lieu of our “normal” Friday blog post, we’re sending out a photojournalistic post to represent our week. Enjoy!

Unloading our WORMS!


Stirring up some worm food.


Katie, teaching our class about what our worms can and cannot eat.


Celebrating our Summer Book Challenges!


Just another beautiful day up here on the mesa!


Hiking up to Weller Lake!


Not a bad spot in which to journal.


Weller Lake field trip, continued…


Today’s classroom!

Big thank yous to Erin, Anita, Eden, Krysten, and River for spending time with us at Weller Lake (and on the bus…) today! We really enjoyed having you, and you were a huge help. Thank you!

Your first or second grader brought home his or her book bag and homework folder for the first time this afternoon. We’re off and running! Here’s how homework will go this year:

  • Folders and book bags will come home on Fridays. If you know that your child will be absent on Friday, please make a point to collect his or her homework/books before you go.
  • Homework and book bags are due on the following Wednesday.
  • Thursday will be an, “Oops, I forgot to bring in my homework” grace day.
  • If homework/books are not finished by Friday, then we will provide your child a space and some time to finish up the work at school.
  • If, at ANY point, resistance to homework pops up in your household, will you please let us know? We don’t believe that homework is worth a fight at home, so if you’re finding yourself in a situation, then just stop working on it, jot us a note on the homework, and we’ll know to check in with your child at school. Again, it’s not worth a fight! It will all be okay. Trust us.
  • If you ever have any questions about homework pieces, then please don’t hesitate to let us know. Our homework is meant to be a review or further practice of material that we’ve covered in class that week. We don’t send home things that your child has never seen before. Questions and confusion can arise, however, so just let us know!

That’s about it from our 1-2 learning center. Enjoy your weekend, rest up for another full week, and soak up some of this beautiful Colorado mountain air. We’ll see you and/or your fabulous kiddo back in the classroom on Monday morning.

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie