Can you believe that we have been on vacation for three weeks? We hope you and your family is enjoying summer.   

Before another day goes by, we want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make our year wonderful! Whether helping us backstage, assisting the Ks with their flying inventions, donating food for our fabulous El Tioga, sorting items for The Family Visitor Center Gift Giving Project, reading nonfiction excerpts for Explorers’ Club, gluing in ABC pages, accompanying us on field trips, or camping with us, you made a difference!

Thank you for our surprise gifts and cards.  We look forward to using the gift certificate at Eaglecrest.

Speaking of thanks, years ago I made John Kelly a thank you book. He loved it. Now I want to make a new thank you book with the Ks’ beautiful watercolors and thank you notes, photos, notes from Margaret and me, and hopefully notes from you. Please take a moment to write him. I know John will appreciate reading your letters. Please email them to me. We took a bunch of photos. However, we may have missed some special moments.  If you have any images you want me to consider including in the book, email them to me. Thanks!

Notes: Summer Slide: Hopefully your child is having fun doing the activities in his/her Summer Notebook, which we sent home on the last day of school. Consider coming to The Summer Book Swap on June 27th and August 2nd.  Stay tuned for more info.

Again a heartfelt thanks for your support. 

Happy Summer,

Annie & Margaret