That’s a wrap!


Quote of the Week: “Starting a war for peace is like screaming for silence.” MLK Jr. Chosen by Soren

What a wonderful year!  Watching the slideshow today brought back so many great memories from the beginning of the school year.  We have had such a great time teaching your children and learning together.  Cheers to a great summer!

Summer Homework: All students were given a summer homework journal. It has instructions inside of it. It is a weekly homework, which includes one writing activity, one math activity, and a record of books read. This homework should take 30min-1hr/week, (or more if the child wants,) we are not looking for a family fight, just some practice :) Children are expected to read every day and research shows that reading every day in the summer can be nearly as useful as attending summer school. Please help them set up a reading routine for 20 minutes of daily reading (we recommend mornings) Please ask your child to show you their summer journal and have them explain how it works.

Summer Social and Book Swap: You’re invited to two summer socials at ACS. They are on June 27th 4:00-5:00pm and August 2nd 4:00-5:00pm. Families can come swap books in classrooms, play and enjoy some popsicles. See you then!

With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Natalee and family, for providing nutritious, delicious snacks for our class this week.
  • Everyone, thanks for the great school year!

Student Class News: By Penelope and Henry

Hello everyone. It is the final week of school and then it’s Summer! Everyone should be excited and very proud because they survived another year at school. Just kidding. Although very exciting it is still the school year. Parents, we need your help keeping kids in line so that the end of the school year is successful.

All the kids in the 3-4 are getting ready to either move up into another classroom or become leaders of the class. On Tuesday the 4th graders went to visit 5th grade and the second graders came to be guided through the 3-4 classroom. There is some exciting homework news coming along and the 4th grade parents had a meeting on Wednesday. Be prepared for wet clothes because the sprinkler apocalypse has started. A lot of stuff will be coming home this week so if you could make a plan to get it home that would be the best. Happy Summer!😜