The Quick and Dirty Lowdown…

Happy Friday, everyone!

You’re getting the quick and dirty lowdown for a Friday newsletter this week. One, because we already chatted on Tuesday, and two… well… we’re just really tired and this is about all we can eek out this afternoon.


Here’s what we’ve got:

READING – We’ve almost finished up Ramona the Pest. We have our next read-aloud, Ramona Quimby, Age 8 on deck and ready to go. Our spicy kindergarten friend keeps us in stitches and allows us to consider how the toolbox miiiiiiiiight just help her out when she throws (or considers throwing) her legendary fits.

TOOLBOX – The Garbage Can Tool is our latest all-school tool. Using this tool allows us to keep our personal power as we decide whether things that happen to us are big deals or little deals. If it’s a little deal, then we throw it in the garbage can and do not pull it out at a later date to sniff it. If it’s a big deal, then we shift to our Using Our Words Tool to phrase a comment to the offending party to calmly (might require the Breathing Tool) state our feelings and ask for a request to fix up the situation. For example, if we were miffed that nobody appeared to be reading our blog anymore, then we might choose to hold onto those feelings for awhile or we might choose to toss those feelings and move on. Wanna know what we actually decided? We decided that it was a big deal. Uh huh. We are now going to use our words to explain how we feel: When we get zero responses from our weekly blogs, we feel used and anxious. In the future, we would like you to respond to our blog with a haiku love poem. As a reminder, haikus are traditionally broken up into five syllables for the first line, seven syllables for the second, and then wrapping up with another final five syllable line.

MATH – First grade mathematicians are solving story problems with unknown change. Second grade mathematicians are working with coins to see how much money they have and to find out how much more they will need to get to $1.00.


  • Thursday, March 22nd and Friday, March 23rd: No school. Parent-Teacher Conferences.
    • Please contact Cindy to sign up for your conference.
    • These conferences will be just for you, the parents. Students will not be joining these conversations. We will be planning a Spring Portfolio Night later in the semester so that your first and second graders will be able to show off their semester and year-long progress.
  • Monday, March 26th – Friday, March 30th: No school. Spring Break.
  • Monday, April 2nd – No school. Teacher Workday.
  • Tuesday, April 3rd – Back to school!
  • Friday, April 6th – Play tryouts.
  • Wednesday, April 18th – Our learning center’s final El Tioga.
  • Thursday, May 3rd and Friday, May 4th – The spring musical at The Wheeler Opera House
  • Monday, May 7th – No school. Play Recovery Day.
  • Wednesday, May 9th – Possible date of our Spring Portfolio Night. Stay tuned.
  • Tuesday, May 22nd through Thursday, May 24th – Our Outdoor Ed trip to New Castle. These dates are different than our usual Wednesday through Friday plan. We had to adjust to match John Kelly’s schedule this year.
  • Monday, May 28th – No school. Memorial Day.
  • Friday, June 1st – Last day of school for K-6.
  • Tuesday, June 5th – 8th grade graduation.


  • Many thanks to Kathy Yang for organizing our portfolios. These would not happen without you!
  • Thanks to Olga, Wendy, Lisa, and Yosefa for joining us on today’s Cinderella field trip. Thanks for sticking it out through the five kissing scenes with our students!

Annnnnnnnnnd DONE.

Enjoy your weekend!

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie

PS: Here’s our haiku for you:


Spring is in the air.

Weather and emotions change.

We keep holding on.