The value of a freezing rain storm.

Most of us would love backpacking through the Utah canyons in brilliant spring sunshine. But for those who really want to lean, there’s nothing like a freezing rainstorm, one that lasts all day.  That is precisely what the 3rd and 4th graders got last week in Canyonlands. The day began with angry, patchy clouds that soon gave way to frog drowning rain, interspersed with half dollar sized snowflakes. The gullies ran and dry river beds surged with swirling brown water.  We endured cold fingers, sodden Gore-Tex and lots of mud. Students learned about good rain gear, the necessity of a well-pitched tent and the absolute power of working together and staying positive.  Grit, perseverance, teamwork and determination are the goals of outdoor Ed. How was the weather? Perfect for learning.