We are finding our groove!

Happy weekend, everyone!

As we take stock after our second week of school, we are blown away by the relative ease that your first and second graders are navigating our school routines. Our schedule seems less mysterious, our classroom feels more familiar, and friendships are being created and strengthened every day! Here’s a little deeper look into what we’ve been working on in the classroom this past week…


  • Your first grade readers are starting to set goals for themselves as readers, which is really incredible. If you were in our class during Reading Workshop and you asked a first grade reader what he or she was working on that day as a reader, you might hear a little something like…
    • I’m doing something at the end of the book. I’m rereading my favorite page. (Keira)
    • I’m reading my books until the end of the reading class. (Dylan)
    • I’m telling myself the story that I just read. (Jimmy)
    • I’m going to read ten books today. (Kai)
    • I’m rereading to smooth out my voice. (Phoebe)
  • Your second grade readers are learning how to use sticky notes to jot down their thoughts as they read. Their books are starting to look like well-studied tomes! These jotted thoughts might represent a question, a connection, or a feeling that each reader has about the text that he or she is reading. These readers are doing important and fabulous work, so be sure to check in with your second grader about this process!


  • All first and second grade writers are adding their pictures from home to the front of their writing folder. These amazing shots serve as instant reminders for future personal narrative stories, so thank you for helping to organize, print, and send them in.
  • Take a moment this week to ask your first or second grade writer about the piece that he or she is currently creating. Each writer has had to go through the process of picking a small moment to write about, planning out that story, and writing it on the page so that a future reader could also experience that moment. We have some incredible personal narratives growing in our classroom!


  • Your first grade mathematicians have begun to study analog and digital clocks, and have been using pattern blocks to build their fluency with numbers up to 20.
  • Your second grade mathematicians are working with numbers within 100 and have begun creating their own number lines… way past 100!


  • We added a new tool to our toolbox this week: The Quiet/Safe Place Tool. When we get overwhelmed, having an accessible mental image of a quiet and/or safe place (this could be a physical place, a person, or a memory) allows us to take a moment and be renewed by this positive memory. Each of us needs to have somewhere we can go for comfort and safety, or to put some space between ourselves, others, and some of life’s more challenging moments. While we have multiple Quiet/Safe places set up inside of our classroom, a physical place in which to take a break is not always available. Solidifying these personal mental places offers us a momentary “getaway” whenever we may need one.


  • We have rescheduled our book fair! Our book fair materials just arrived at school, so we gave ourselves the weekend to set up and to be sure we’re totally ready to host this summer reading celebration. All first and second graders are aware of where they stand re: Golden Tickets, additional tickets, and the upcoming book fair. Lots of kiddos are all set to go, and lots of kiddos are only a few books away from that Golden Ticket territory of having at least 24 books recorded to track that awesome summer reading. We can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s successes!


  • Monday, 9/9: Our 1-2 book fair
  • Wednesday, 9/11: Back to School Night, starting at 5pm
  • Friday, 9/13: School picture day (Cindy has more info if you need it!)


  • Thank you to our amazing 2019-2020 parent reps: Molly, Kara, and Amy!
  • Thank you to Charlotte, Sara, and Brian for the delicious eggs! What a treat.

That’s our news from the second week of school! We hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and we’ll see you and/or your fabulous child back in our classroom on Monday. We’re ready for our first five day week!