Welcome Back!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Spring Break has come and gone, our first week back has come and gone, TRYOUTS have come and gone, and we’re 100% ready to jump in for the rest of this creative and challenging month.


  • Since this year’s play is all about fairy tales, we are diving into the dissection of fairy tales during the Daily 5. The characters, the journeys, the magic, the good, the evil, the resolutions… all of the important pieces. Your first or second grader has a fairy tale reading log in his or her homework folder this week. Be prepared to be WOWED by an incredible retell of The Princess and The Frog!


  • Explorers’ Club is off and running. Everyone is so super excited about their topic, learning lots of varied facts, organizing their facts into “chapters”, and beginning to transfer the information to their Explorers’ Club journals. Future work will include crafting an intriguing introduction in order to “HOOK” your reader, adding craft moves to teach your reader even more information about your topic, and working on a colorful and informational cover for each journal.


  • Your first grade mathematicians are choosing a survey question with two possible answers, making a plan for gathering data, and collecting and keeping track of survey data.
  • Your second grade mathematicians are reading and writing 3-digit numbers, identifying the value that each digit in a 3-digit number represents, adding 10 or 100 to and subtracting 10 or 100 from a given number, and describing what part of the number changes.


  • Monday, April 9th: Our first day of play rehearsal. Our time slot starts right at 8:05, so being on time in the mornings will be much appreciated.
  • Wednesday, April 18th: Our 1-2 El Tioga.
  • The week of Monday, April 30th: The week at the Wheeler. A very detailed schedule will come your way. This week will be absolutely wonky. Stay tuned.


  • Thank you, Samilla, for the yummy cake. It totally got us through our Friday.
  • Thank you, Kristin, for sending in more wipes. These germs are still kicking after Spring Break, and we can always use all of the help that we can get.
  • Thank you, Lisa, for being our Wednesday math helper this week.

That’s our news from the 1-2 classroom. Enjoy your weekend, get some rest, and we’ll see you and/or your child back in school on Monday.

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie