Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year, families. Everyone in the 3-4 Learning center wishes you a happy and healthy 2018. We have a special field trip coming up on January 19th from 11:45-2:30 where we will visit the Aspen Art Museum. Lunch is included with that field trip- so don’t send a lunch next Friday.  With the new year we have some new units starting up, read on to find out more.

This week we began a study of Historical Fiction through Book Clubs. Throughout this unit children will be reading books from historical eras and working with the other members of their book club to create conversation around themes, sympathize with character struggles, and build knowledge of the historical time period. Be sure to ask your child what time period their books are from. Many of these times in history are very “heavy” topics, and you might use this opportunity to talk through some of the challenging parts of World history with them. Book club homework will be assigned throughout the week and always includes a written component. Therefore, your child should now be bringing home their book club book and reader’s notebook. Please support your child to 1)complete their book club homework and 2)bring their book and notebook back to school each day.

Writers continue to study non-fiction, but this time it is with a technological twist. Students are writing non-fiction books about the artist they researched. They are learning to use google docs, change fonts, format pages, import photos, use Spellcheck, share documents with others, and use electronic commenting.

All of ACS is Celebrating The Beat for the next few weeks and embarking on a dance and movement based study of the arts. Our class schedule will be a bit different because we will be learning dances from 12:45-1:35 M, T, Th, F and 9:15-10 W. This program is going to be a source of expression for many kids, and will be a real challenge for others. We will all be working on perseverance, willingness to try new things and bravery as we learn and perform these dances.


Upcoming Dates


  • January 15: No School – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • January 17-February 5th: Celebrate The Beat practice
  • January 19: Aspen Art Museum Field Trip 11:45-3:00, lunch provided
  • February 6: Celebrate The Beat Performance, Time TBD


  • February 9: No School – Teacher Professional Development Day (We wanted to make sure you received notification of this date change well in-advance as this day used to be on the schedule for February 2.)

With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Ava and family, for providing nutritious snacks for our class this week.
  • Thank you for the delicious lunch on the K-4 Assessment day, yum!


  • Next week’s snack person is:  Penelope
  • On January 19th, lunch is provided by the Aspen Art Museum
  • Weekly Homework packet and spelling quiz will be on Thursday, as usual.

Student Class News: Alejandra and Lizzy

On monday we started a new unit in reading it is called book clubs. And the Japanese students came to ACS today. On Friday the K through 4 grades don’t have school.