Winter Returned

Highlights: What did your child tell you about the following events? Let us know via email or tell us in person.

Our joint field trip to The Aspen Golf course with The  Carbondale Community School kindergarten.

The fraction presentation at All School Meeting.


Language Arts: Reading: For read a loud stories, the focus was on predicting.  When our guest reader, Jim read The Cross Country Cat to the class, he periodically asked the Ks to turn to the person sitting next to him/her and share his/her predictions. For the Explorers’ Club research the focus was on comprehension. For guided reading the focus was on fluency. Instead of saying each individual sound in a word, the Ks were encouraged to blend the sounds together to make a word. The Ks also were encouraged to read words in phrases instead of reading word by word. 

Writing: The Ks used their illustrating and writing skills to create a diagram of themselves with labels for what they needed for their X-country field trip and a diagram of their Explorers’ Club animal with labels naming the basic body parts. 

Math: The Ks began defining spheres, cubes, cylinders, rectangular prisms, and square prisms. They used their  3-D knowledge to help draw their animals and their gear.


Homework: Help your child find a new fact about his/her animal that he/she can draw and write about on the page in the  LA section of the folder.  Help your child find 3-D objects in and out of home that he/she can record on the page in the math section. 

Gratitude:Thank you all for helping one way or another with The Hoedown. It was such a wonderful community event.  Thank you John-Mark for Louisa’s  scrumptious chocolate chip birthday cookies and homemade bread. Thank you Nevo and Yosefa for the snacks. The Ks enjoyed the fresh fruit and the various crunchy chips.  Thank you all for sending in the proper snow gear. We needed it and will continue to use it. Thank you Kiki for helping out on our ski day. Thank you Ali for gluing all the completed ABC pages into the ABC books. Thank you Amy for volunteering to help on March 2nd.

Upcoming Dates: 3/ 2 100+ Day Celebration-kids can wear or change into pajamas

3/7 Empty Bowls at Bumps Restaurant

3/22 & 3/23 Conferences- Bring a large bag to take some of your child’s work home.

Tentative dates: We will confirm once we check with the other classes about space and bus use.  

3/14 10:30-11:30 K Winter Semester Celebration bring a large bag to take some of your child’s treasures home.

3/15 X-Country- Ski Day at Snowmass Nordic Center- More info will come 

Notes: In preparation for our 100 day party on Friday, your child will be asked to bring in a collection of 100 items in a marked plastic zip lock bag. Have fun helping your child choose and count 100 things such as 100 dried beans or corn kernels, paperclips, pennies, pieces of paper, pine needles. Have fun!

Volunteer Needs: Monday-Thursday, 2/26-3/1 8:00-9:00 AM- Explorers’ Club reading helpers.  Thursday 3/15 2-3 Nordic ski volunteers. Friday 3/16 a morning assistant

Enjoy the winter weather, 

Annie & Margaret