Wonderful Winter!


Quote of the Week:  chosen by Mia ~ “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I will remember.  Show me and I will learn.” Benjamin Franklin

What’s Happenin’

Our 3-4 community meetings are a time when we get together as a whole-class, discuss social and emotional well-being, provide leadership opportunities, and offer time for children to present about their jobs. We always begin with breathing practices, often practice envisioning being our best selves, and build our classroom community through discussion and the support of others. On Tuesday we used our community meeting time to discuss how we care for ourselves and others. In wake of the recent school tragedy at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School in Florida, we talked about school safety. We did this through the lens of how we care for ourselves and others so that people feel loved and hopefully are less likely to create tragedy. Your children had some wonderful ideas, including; listening, cheering someone else up, don’t play with fake guns, write a letter to the government, get help if you feel badly, and find the good in life. Students then chose 2 items from our list that they will focus on right away. Please come by our classroom and see this chart on our door. So that you know, we did not share great detail about this or any other shooting. We chose, instead, to focus on education around preventative measures and how we can impact the future.

Both third and fourth grade mathematicians are wrapping up a unit on geometry.  Geometry is such a fun unit working with shapes and measurements.  There are many tools to work with (rulers, yardsticks, polygon shapes, protractors), but also a lot of new vocabulary to learn.  You might ask your child to explain how they would find the perimeter of an object versus finding area.  Or, you might ask them to use some geometry vocabulary to explain a funky shape.  Next up…FRACTIONS!  We are also focusing on building up fluency with multiplication facts.  There will be homework and class time dedicated to certain fact sets.  We are starting of this week with the foundation facts of x2, x10, x5.

Portfolio conferences are around the corner. On the sign-up sheet you will notice that 4 conferences will happen at one time. These conferences are set-up so that your child is leading the conference, teachers will be circulating between multiple conferences at once. Sign up for conferences here Spring Conference Sign-Up

Upcoming Dates


  • March 1st: Mindful Parenting Practices presentation at ACS from 5:30-700pm.  RSVP for childcare at roaringforkinsight.org/parent
  • March 2nd: Scholastic book order due
  • March 7th: Empty Bowls at Buttermilk
  • March 9th: Author Kat Kronenberg Visit at All School Meeting and 3-4 Writing Class
  • March 22 & 23: Student-led conferences
  • March 26 – April 2: Spring Break!






With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Watson and family, for providing nutritious, delicious snacks for our class this week.
  • Thank you to everyone who has brought in Box Tops for our class/school!  The deadline to submit these is next week Wednesday, February 28th.


  • Next week’s snack person is:  Max
  • Scholastic book order time again!  Students have flyers in their homework folder, but there are many more books to choose from online.  Orders are due by next Friday, March 2nd.  The direct link to order is https://orders.scholastic.com/RY8VL
  • Weekly Homework packet is due Thursday, as usual. Nightly reading and logging continues to be an expectation.

Student Class News: From Bo and Rupert ~ The 3-4 grade has been cleaning up our cubby room. We have been trying to find and keep our pencils.