Yay, It snowed!

Highlights: It snowed on Saturday!  Please be sure your child has an entire set of winter gear so he/she can have fun at recess and stay warm and healthy.

On Monday afternoon before winter break, Zander Tekus brought in a large amount of cookie dough for the Ks. Continuing our kindness theme, the Ks made enough cookies for the whole school. After they made sweet appreciation cards, the Ks delivered cookies and cards to the learning centers and the staff including our bus drivers.

On Tuesday with the help of our amazing, retired teacher Chris Faison the Ks went to The Flying Dog Ranch to look for signs of beaver. To the delight of all, they found many signs.

On Wednesday before we departed for winter break< Addy’s Dad and her Aunt helped to create a wonderful birthday snack for Addy and her class. 

Gratitude: Thank you Zander for spending the afternoon helping the Ks make cookies. Thank you Chris for taking us on a wonderful field trip. Thank you Frank and Aunt Kelly for help in the classroom, cleaning tables, and setting out the cupcakes for Addy’s birthday. Thank you Vanessa for helping out on Wednesday. Thank you for covering the playground during recess. The day before break can be challenging. Thank you for being flexible and understanding. 


Upcoming Dates: January 12: No school for K-4 students – This is a scheduled assessment day for K-4 students only. We want to assess every child in the Kindergarten. Please call Cindy to sign up.

January 17-February 6th Celebrate the Beat An all school amazing dance production. CTB is program that uses dance instruction and performance to teach excellence.  The theme is “great artists.” The program is about three weeks long and culminates in a fantastic performance at school, on Feb. 6 at 6pm. Check out the CTB website for more information .https://www.ctbeat.org/

In order for students to participate CTB requires a parent signed waiver. Please print the attached waiver Jim sent to you on January 4th and send it to school. Send it in your child’s Friday folder. Please be sure your child has a comfortable pair of sneakers your child can dance in daily.

January 15: No School – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 2 – Regular school day K-8 Please note, this calendar change.

February 9 – No school teacher work day

February 17 – Hoedown – Our ACS/CCS family fundraiser at Cozy Point Ranch.

Enjoy the snow,

Annie and Margaret