Yay, it snowed!


Highlights: On the Thursday before last, ten Japanese students from Shimukappu spent the morning at ACS. At All School Meeting, they told us a little bit about themselves in English. Afterwards, they performed a traditional dance called the fish dance. After they finished their performance, they invited volunteers to follow their moves in the fish dance. A few Ks happily joined them. Later on in the morning the students joined the Ks. In small groups the Ks and the visitors made bead decorations. The students wrote the Ks’ names in Japanese.  

CTB started on Wednesday. Hopefully, you have seen and read Jim’s updates. In case you missed seeing the Ks rehearsing, here’s a short video.

IMG_2686 2.MOV Be sure to read the 1/20Explorer’s Club email  regarding the Ks’ dance theme and Explorer’s Club.

Language Arts: Writing: For the past two weeks the Ks are learning to write  How to Books. They are learning to:

  • Think of a topic
  • Plan and tell what to do for the steps  
  • List all the supplies
  • Number the steps
  • Create a picture for each step
  • Write the words for each step to match each picture



Some of the titles for these books are, How to Make Pizza, How to Have a Good Birthday Party,  How to Ski, and How to Take Care of Ladybugs. Ask your child what his/her topic is. 


Reading: Right after the Ks returned from winter break, we asked the Ks who was Martin Luther King. Nobody knew who he was and why we were going to have a day off from school in celebration of him. We read and paraphrased books about Dr. Martin Luther King. We sang along and read the lyrics to I Have a Dream by Daria. https://youtu.be/lBQ36WnekVM



Math: The focus was on counting, measuring, collecting, recording and counting up. The Ks played Build it and Collect 15. Using ten cubes they measured articles. With a number resource they were asked to count up from various numbers.

Homework: Interview and write down your child’s responses  on the interview page that is in the Language Arts Section of his/her folder. Remember to turn the paper over to read and answer the last question. Help your child find a book about his/her topic. Read and discuss what she/he learned. Have your child draw and write a fact. 

Gratitude: Thank you all for making arrangements to have your child at school for assessments. Thanks to everyone we were able to assess all the Ks. The report cards will go out shortly. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you Aminah for providing cupcakes for Celeste’s birthday. Thank you Cece and Kathy for providing afternoon snacks the week before last. The Ks especially liked decorating their cupcakes. Thank you Luke and Galen for providing snacks last week. Thank you Kiki for providing cupcakes for Gray’s birthday. 

Upcoming Dates: February 2 – Regular school day K-8 Please note, this calendar change. February 6- 6 pm CTB performance. February 9 – No school teacher work day. February 17 – Hoedown – Our ACS/CCS family fundraiser at Cozy Point Ranch.

Volunteer Needs:

  • We need reading volunteers to read and when possible, help the Ks read about their Explorers’ Club topics. Let us know when you are available. Two possible times would be the morning when you drop off your child or earlier before you pick up your child. However, if another time is better, kindly let us.
  • On Tuesday 1/23 10:45-11:25 help us get our X-country ski program started.
  • We need a volunteer to glue in finished letter pages into the ABC Books. 
  • A volunteer to help on Friday. Come for the whole day or part of the day. Help is especially needed from 12:25-2:45.
  • If you have any empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, send them in.

Enjoy the snow,

Annie & Margaret