All School Meeting May 17, 2019

By Julianna Pittz

First, we sat in our family groups.

Swing Dance

Elleree, Sierra, Zoe, and Suzannah did a swing dance.






CSS Visitors

Robin, our old PE teacher came back and came with her school, The Colorado Springs School, CSS, they told us what they are doing in Carbondale. They have been camping in our schoolyard for the past two days if you didn’t know. They are the 6th and 7th graders from CSS. Their school ranges from the beginning of preschool to high school. Their Outdoor Education is called seminars and they have three of them. They get to choose what they focus on. They came here to study water. We learned a lot about water preservation and conservation, and water rights. One way to conserve water is when you brush your teeth instead of leaving the water on. If you turn it off, it makes a huge difference.

Kinder Farm Facts

Kinder Farm Facts! The kindergarteners presented fun facts to us about farm animals that they chose. They worked very hard on this project. Fun facts: Llamas have three stomachs, chickens lay an egg every one to two days, pigs are very smart, llamas have skin in between their toes, the biggest sheep farm in the world has more than 60,000 sheep.

Kinder Songs

The kindergarteners sang a song about chickens, ducks, and turkeys in Spanish. Then they sang a song with Amber about bees. They also played the same song with kazoos.

First and Second Grade Dinosaur Facts

First and second graders did dinosaurs facts and a timeline. On their ODE they went to Highline Ranch and saw fossils on a hike and at a museum. Did you know that T Rex could it more than 500 pounds of meat in one bite? A T Rex has more than 800 teeth.

Garden Club

Garden Club announced the new Garden Club Officers. Nyomie is president, Sean is secretary, Kinley is treasurer, Violet Lucy is vice president. The garden experts are Cooper and Violet (kinder, going into first), Cooper Bryan (first, going into second), Memphis (second, going into third), Mason (Third, going into fourth). Thank you for coming to dandelion day! Garden club got a lot of money from visitors who painted flower pots. Thank you so much if you painted or bought one, or bought seeds from our garden. Boden won the week of camp in the summer for how to train your dragon and unicorn, and if he can’t come, Abby Mines will fill in.