Aspen Art Museum, Thanksgiving El Tioga and a Note from Parent Reps

We had a great trip to Aspen Art Museum yesterday and another amazing, community-building, Thanksgiving El Tioga lunch today. Major photo drop below!

But before you get to the pictures, here’s a note from our learning center parent reps:

Hello 3-4 Learning Center,

Julie Jenkins and I (Ericka Anderson) are your Parent Reps for the 3-4 Learning Center. Julie is Hazel’s mom (3rd grade) and I am Goldie’s mom (4th grade). Our job is to make sure important information gets to you and to assist Mike and Mandy so that they have ample time and energy to do their primary job of teaching our children. We do this by attending Village meetings and by having open communication with you.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to help.

Ericka (970) 309-7549

Julie (970) 274-4599

Notes from The Village:

  • Social-Emotional Survey – Be on the lookout for a survey coming from Amanda (our school counselor). This will give the school good information about how, or if, we move forward with curriculum to address our children’s social and emotional needs.
  • Hoedown – Lisen Richmond (Elleree 4th) is heading up the CCS side of the Hoedown. This is CCS’s biggest fundraiser. Last year we raised over $20,000 just for CCS. This requires all hands on deck. The Hoedown needs 2 leaders to run point on Sponsors and the Silent Auction. If you have time/talent for either of these, or would like to participate in making the Hoedown a success again, please contact Lisen (970) 274-1016
  • Consignment Contributions – Julie has set up an easy way to contribute to CCS. Just bring in your gently used items to Sawyer’s Closet, Ragged Mountain Sports, or Heirlooms and ask to put the value collected on the CCS account. All accounts will begin December 1.
  • Volunteer Schedule –  I am trying to create a streamlined way for parents to volunteer. I am looking into various scheduling apps that Mike and Mandy could enter their needs and time frame for volunteer opportunities. More to come…


Thanks Julie and Ericka for putting your time and energy into this.

Everyone have a GREAT Thanksgiving!