CCS All School Meeting – Friday, May 3

AGENDA Summary

by Juliana Pittz, 5th Grade

We sat in our family groups.


Coach Greg taught us how to fence. Mason Frisbee fenced Coach Greg. They needed masks for safety. Coach Greg is training for the Olympics. They fenced against each other and Mason won! Coach Greg said that we should come to try out classes at the Carbondale Library on Mondays at 4 p.m.

Circles With Our Family Groups

7th & 8th Graders led our family groups through a circle. They asked what our favorite part of the school year was and what we are looking forward to in the rest of the year. They also asked us what has been our favorite outdoor education of our whole time at CCS.

7th & 8th Graders explained what they are doing in math class.

They learned how to play Monopoly and they changed the rules to match the real world. They made a rule that you could only have 3 monopolies. They also changed the properties into real life businesses.

6th Grade Talked About Quilts.

The 6th Grade explained how they made their quilts with different patterns and colors. They hand sewed their quilts. Even though they aren’t finished yet, they are still really cool.

7th Grade Talked about Urban Ed

They are going to work in a warehouse and donate clothes to homeless people. They told us to bring seasonal appropriate clothing. They want a variety of sizes including kids sizes. They also told us to be sure that the undergarments and socks are new. The clothes can not have any rips. PLEASE DONATE CLOTHES!!!!  They then recited a poem, “The Road not Taken” by Robert Frost. Kelly Hilleke messed up and memorized the wrong poem, “O Captai! My Captain!” “O Captain! My Captain” is a metaphor for the civil war to be over.

5th-grade Raft Trip Slideshow

The TURKISH NERD aka Axel presented the slideshow about the 5th-grade raft trip down the Colorado River.

8th Grade PURA VIDA!!!!!! Going to Puerto Rico on Monday!!!!