Celebration & Release!

       Yay Challenge! Yay Celebration!


Painted lady release!

This last week was all about celebration and release.  


  1. the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity.

Celebration of our personal Outdoor Ed goals – some of which included:

  • Spending the night away from our parents even when it is difficult;
  • Getting along with others even when it is difficult;
  • Seeing a snake;
  • Eating cheese puffs (!);
  • Staying warm at night in the tent;
  • Staying safe and keeping others safe;
  • Having fun and working together in a new setting.

The students had a lot to celebrate and reflect on from their Outdoor Ed experience.  Thank you for supporting your children as they tried on new roles and independence on ODE, as they challenged themselves to grow and take risks within a safety net, and as they learned about the importance of teamwork, trust, and goal setting.  

Sharing PLACE projects with our family  groups.

Students also celebrated the completion of their PLACE projects that they worked on at school by sharing them with their family groups at All School Meeting.  The kids put so much effort into these and their enthusiasm was contagious.

Person, Place, Thing!

And, finally, another big celebration ~ PERSON, PLACE, THING PROJECTS! Thank you parents for helping your child work after school on their one major home project this year.  We know your nights are busy and it takes extra effort to get these done, so kudos to you all! The kids are extremely proud of their work and the projects are amazing! We are learning so much about cupcakes, mahi-mahi, space, Japanese cherry blossoms, lions, and much, much more!!


  1. allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.
  2. allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.
Butterfly Release!

Release…release of our butterflies!! When our little caterpillars arrived in April they were only about a centimeter long.  The students cared for and observed the painted ladies as they grew to be up to 2 inches long! We studied these little creatures as they moved to hang in a J shape from their silk buttons, then into chrysalises, and finally, into butterflies. We even found that they laid eggs!! On Friday, we held a ceremony of release in the school garden. The students wore lifecycle headbands to honor their butterfly and the metamorphosis it underwent. It was a beautiful experience! 


Release…we are releasing some of our stress as we near the end of the school year.  We are wrapping up lessons and assessing to measure our goals that we set at the end of the year!  We are getting ready for summer release!

This week:

  • End of year math – show what you know! (assessments)
  • Writing – reflecting and sharing what you learned this year with next year’s incoming 1st and 2nd graders!
  • Project presentations…continued…
  • Reading…celebrating success and reflecting on how far we have come in literacy this year!

Next week: (final few days of school)

    • Wednesday, June 6th: STEP-UP! 2nd graders step-up celebration.  
      • ***All students will need a sack lunch for Wednesday, June 6th.  1st and 2nd grade will walk to Burt and Ernie Park to have a picnic and watermelon treat, and to celebrate the 2nd graders as they step-up to 3rd grade.  Parents are welcome to join! We will leave the school at about 11 am to begin the walk. We will go directly from our picnic/ celebration to the triathlon. (Mike will pick us up in the bus at about 1:00 pm and we will go cheer on 5th – 8th grade as they challenge themselves in the triathlon).
    • Thursday, June 7th: Last Day of School!! Move up, goodbye circle, field day, and noon release.
    • 6/8 and 6/11 – End of Year Conferences (students should attend with parent)