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Classroom Promises, Buddies, & Celebrating Uniqueness!

Alaskan Show-and-Teach
Welcoming the new Kinders at All School Meeting!
Self Portraits
Night Journal Share!
Partner Reading
Go Fish
Go Fish
“Welcome to the Morning Show!”
Ready to Learn!
What a wonderful second week of school we had in the 1-2 learning center. We have enjoyed spending time and getting to know each child in our learning center and we can’t wait for those relationships to grow more throughout the year. It was great getting to chat and share delicious food at the Potluck with you and your family.
This was the first week that night journals were due. We loved seeing their artwork and reading about what each child was most excited about this year! The first graders met their 7th grade buddy for the first time on Friday. They shared about themselves while doing a walk and talk outside. We finished up with the reading DIBELS assessment and will spend a day next week strategically grouping students based off their needs in literacy. The book of the week was Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell. We focused on character traits and the beauty of being unique. The class did multiple drafts of a watercolor self portrait to go along with their “I am” poem describing their own characteristics.
We wanted to again thank you for all the help that was received for our El Tioga on Friday. It was a success and we couldn’t of made it happen without you!
Special shout out to Kaleesi for turning 7 this week! Happy Birthday!
Ask your child about…
  • Our classroom promise
  • What they are wanting to study for the Person, Place or Thing project
  • Character traits about Molly Lou
  • Character traits about themselves
  • New math games they learned
  • Celebrating Kaleesi’s birthday and her Alaskan show and tell
  • 7th grade buddies
  • helping prepare food for El Tioga
Upcoming dates:
  • Outdoor Ed at Bogan Flats is September 18 – 19th…more information to come home this week.
  • Friday, September 27, no school (staff workday)
Important notes:
  • School starts at 8:10, please be on time!
  • We have enough cereal boxes! Thank you for bringing those in!
  • Make sure you empty the Friday Folder and return it on Monday. (Comes home every Friday).
  • Please make sure that you child has a water bottle to keep in their cubby.