A Double-Edged Field Trip and a busy week

Pinball Wizard!
Learning about winter wildlife at ACES

We started the week off with a field trip to Aspen where we visited Rynos Arcade for an authentic arcade experience to kick off our cardboard arcade project. The students played a few retro games like Pac-Man, Foosball, shuffleboard and pinball as well some newer video games and the ever popular claw machine. It was a lot of fun and the kids are bursting with ideas for their games. After the arcade, we walked back to Hallam Lake to eat lunch and then had an amazing winter experience with ACES. It was a big day with a lot of walking. Thank you to all the parents who came along and helped out.

Design experts from the 7-8 Learning Center came over to talk to us about designing their Rube Goldberg projects and snowboarder Sawyer Riley demonstrated the process by which he created a rail-riding practicing rail for home.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Design Experts

We finished the week with a busy Friday. We had a jam-packed All School Meeting which commenced with the students duct-taping Lizzie to the wall as their fund-raising reward for Pennies for Patients; and included Second Graders presenting their sunscreen knowledge and data findings. Ted Kaufman talked about what makes a great Big Event tryout and we had a few terrific examples presented. Tryouts will talk place Thursday afternoon.

The importance of wearing sunscreen

We wrapped up the week Friday afternoon with Maury with a Story. 7th Grade buddies joined us for her story, The Mitten Tree. At the end of the day we had a short talk on the design process from Julia Marshall, an alumni parent and landscape architect who helped design the grounds of CCS.  Whew! If your kids were exhausted Friday evening, now you know why!

Ask your child about:

  • Our new read aloud – Pippi Longstocking
  • Photosynthesis
  • The Mitten Tree
  • Native American legends about the sun
  • Design processes
  • Winter wildlife
  • The importance of wearing sunscreen
  • Big Event tryouts

Important Dates

  • Friday, February 9 is All School Ski Day.
  • Monday, February 12 is our ACES snowshoeing trip on Aspen Mountain. We’d love to have you join us so let us know if you can come along.
  • February 17 is the 5th Annual Hoedown 3-7pm 
  • February 22 is Portfolio Night
  • February 28 is a Parent Mindfulness Class by Lisa G.
  • March 12 is Big Event Parent Work Night 5pm
  • March 21 is Noon Release and Big Event Evening Performance
  • 3/22 Optional School Day and Big Event Evening Performance
  • 3/26-3/2 Spring Break