Fall Colors and Mindfulness


Hello 1/2 Families!

Last week was a wonderful and busy week.  We began the week with mindfulness with Brad in the morning and Lisa in the afternoon where we focused on recognizing the feelings in our bodies and our thoughts.  We culminated the week with an All School Meeting on Friday where the 5-6 Learning Center presented their Arches and Constellations projects and where we learned about the Choices that will be offered for the upcoming Choice Block on 10/27 and 11/3.

Conversation Starters! Ask your child about…

  • Reading the books, The Little Yellow Leaf and Leaf Man and the exploration of fall and the changes we see in nature.  We connected this to the weekly mindfulness prompt of recognizing how our thoughts and feelings are often changing.
  • Listening to our fall poem and identifying elements of personification.
  • Creating and using patterns to decorate our own fall leaves!
  • Our fall leaf walk…gathering leaves for an upcoming project.
  • Go Noodle and Minecraft Yoga during our creative movement block.
  • Singing and dancing with our new music teacher, Amber Bates.
  • Writing our small moment stories about one time when something happened to us or something that we do. Then, sharing our stories with partners.

Literacy Centers

  • First Graders have been working on fluently reading  words with the short i sound, as well as some sight words. They are also and building stamina reading to themselves. We’re working toward getting past 8 minutes.  I’m sending home reading books in their night journal bags on Monday and will put the decodable text booklets in their Friday folders. Reading nightly is important.
  • Second Graders are reviewing the ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ vowel combinations. Book Club is continuing with The Mouse and the Motorcycle. We’re also working on 2nd Grade sight words and learning how to use capitalization and punctuation when writing out the date. Second Graders will also take home reading books in their night journals on Mondays and some may have decodable passages in their folders on Fridays.

1st Grade Math:

  • We continued to work on solving word problems using our read, draw, write method.  (Read the problem two times, circle important information, draw a picture of what is happening, write number sentences (equations) and a word sentence.)
  • Ask your child about playing games to help find the total of two quantities (0-10) up to a total of 20 AND exploring subtraction of one or two from numbers up to 10.

2nd Grade Math:

  • Students made addition and subtraction flash cards to discover which facts fall into the “I’ve got this” pile and the “Not Yet” pile.  
  • Ask your child about identifying, and using coin equivalencies to play a game called Collect 50 cents.  Students are learning how to identify a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter and how to make equivalencies.  For example, one quarter is worth 25 pennies, two dimes and a nickel, or 5 nickels.  


Don’t forget to have your child collect pledges for the Monster Dash on 10/31.  This is a fundraiser that CCS uses to support the school.  This year, the proceeds will go to purchasing new supplies for PE, Art, Spanish and Music.

Thursday, October 19

  • Parent Advisory Council/School Accountability Meeting 6-7 pm


Friday, October 20 – No School


Important Dates:

  • 10/27 & 11/3 Choice Days
  • 10/31 Monster Dash and Halloween (K-2 parade)
  • 11/9 and 11/10 Conferences
  • 11/16 Village Parent Meeting at 5:30
  • 11/20 – 11/24 Thanksgiving Break

All the best,

Angie & Shelle