Fall Fun

Greetings 1/2 Families!

We all came back from the long weekend a little tired but full of good things to share and ready to jump back into learning!  This week was busy and full!

Conversation Starters! Ask your child about…

  • Reading about germs and conducting our own science experiment about germs!
  • Maury with a Story came and told the seasonal favorite story: Pumpkin Pie.
  • Star Wars yoga
  • Learning the three main parts of a leaf: the stem, blade, and veins.
  • Chromatography with leaves…pulling the pigments out of leaves using rubbing alcohol and filter paper.
  • Choices on Friday…some of the choices included hiking, decoupage boxes, archaeology 101, makerspace, and puzzles and games.
  • Writing: We worked on adding more details to our small moment stories. We wrote multiple powerful endings and chose our favorite. We identified the difference between a huge watermelon topic and a tiny seed story. (We want tiny seed stories told in detail!)
  • Classroom problem solving: What to do about “Mini Man” and using sentence frames to agree with others, respectfully disagree, and add onto the thoughts of our peers.

Literacy Centers

  • First Grade Literacy – We continue to work on phonemic awareness and blending fluency, as well as reading and spelling sight words. We’ve been reading short decodable books in small groups and independently. I wasn’t able to get reading books into the night journal bags last week but will do my best to get some in there for next week. Read them with your child throughout the week and return by the following Monday.  I did get decodable passages into the Friday Folders so please take a few minutes to read these with our children over the weekend.

  • Second Grade Literacy – Second Grade continues to work on r-controlled vowels. This week, we worked on reading and spelling sight words and /ar/ and /or/ words. The Book Club group is finishing up The Mouse and the Motorcycle and will teach the other groups some new vocabulary words which we will add to our ‘Juicy Words’ poster.

1st Grade Math:

  • We wrapped up our ‘Building Numbers and Solving Story Problems’ unit which focused on addition and subtraction.
  • Students played games including Roll and Record Subtraction and Five in a Row Subtraction to continue to work on number concept and fact fluency.
  • We ended the week with an end-of-unit ‘Show What You Know’ assessment that allowed 1st graders to demonstrate their story problem solving skills and knowledge.

2nd Grade Math:

  • We worked a lot on learning the process for solving story problems (Read-Draw-Write) and showing our work.
  • Second graders shared and discussed strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems with two digit numbers up to 35.  Some of these strategies included using a numberline to make jumps forward or backward, using place value to break numbers into easier parts and then adding or subtracting, counting on, and counting all.


Monday, October 30th: Students have vision and hearing testing

Tuesday, October 31st:

  • Halloween is this Tuesday and it will be a busy day at CCS.
  • Monster Dash: don’t forget your Monster Dash pledges, due Tuesday!  Students will run the Monster Dash at 8:30 am in the morning to raise money for our specials classes including PE, Art, Music, and Spanish.  Students will NOT run in their costumes.
  • Students should bring their costume to school in a separate bag.  We will be changing into costumes at 1:15 for an all-school celebration and family group activity that runs from 1:30 – 2:15.
  • Classroom party: We will be keeping it simple with a classroom party from 2:15 – 2:45 where we do Halloween yoga and eat popcorn!

Friday, November 3rd:

  • Choices after lunch time

Important Dates:

  • 11/9 and 11/10 Conferences (please be sure you have signed up for your conference)
  • 11/16 Village Parent Meeting at 5:30pm
  • 11/17 Thanksgiving El Tioga
  • 11/20 – 11/24 Thanksgiving Break