Gearing up for another busy week! 100th Day, Valentine’s Day, Big Event Choice!

*Apologies for lack of pictures! We have so many great ones but were unable to get them to load on our program this week.  We will send them out via email or try to insert them in the blog on Monday.

Ask your child about…

  • Meeting with our arcade game “teams” and sharing our ideas with the class.
  • Playing in the snow on Wednesday at recess!
  • Writing – sharing and writing about our collections…identifying our favorites, and using descriptive language so the reader understands our opinion.
  • 1st grade math – Can you “flip flop” two addends when adding numbers together? For example: Is 2 + 4 the same as 4 + 2?
  • 2nd grade math – Playing “Trading Up”, our place value game!
  • Big Event Tryouts!
  • All School Ski Day and El Tioga on the mountain!


  1. ACES snowshoe trip is TOMORROW, Monday, February 12. We will leave at 8:30 am, arrive at the Gondola Plaza at 9:30, return to the Plaza at 1:30 and be back at school at 2:30.  Students should wear warm winter clothing and boots, hats and mittens, and bring an extra pair of warm socks. We will be outdoors regardless of the weather. Students should bring a packed lunch and water bottle.  If students or chaperones have full ski passes they can use them without impacting their ability to use them in the future, so please bring passes if you have them. ACES will provide gondola foot passes for anyone who needs one. Let us know if you would like to chaperone.
  2. Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, February 14th.  We are going to have a small celebration in the afternoon starting at 2:15.  At this time we will distribute cards into the envelopes of our classmates.  We will have popcorn and lemonade.  It is a very small celebration.  Students should bring a card labeled for each student in the learning center.  Please have your child make a card for ALL 29 students.  Your child should write each student’s name. No Night Journal this week because of this task. This is a good time for your child to practice writing everyone’s name correctly.  This list will come home on Monday in backpacks.
  3. 100th Day Projects DUE THIS THURSDAY – The 100th day of school is THIS FRIDAY!  This year it falls on this FRIDAY, February 16th. We are asking students to create a 100th day of school project at home.  They will gather 100 objects to represent 100 days. This finished project is due THIS Thursday. We will be presenting our 100th day projects on Friday.

Important Dates:

  • 2/12: Aspen Mountain snowshoeing field trip, leave at 8:15am…kids need to dress warm and bring a sack lunch
  • 2/14: Valentines Day Celebration, cards!
  • 2/15: 100th Day Projects Due
  • 2/16: 100th Day Presentations throughout the first part of the day
  • 2/16: Big Event choices
  • 2/17: Hoedown!!! (Make sure you have signed up with Sandra to volunteer!)
  • 2/19: President’s day, NO SCHOOL
  • 2/22: CCS Portfolio Night
  • 2/23: Big Event choices
  • 3/21: Big Event, noon release
  • 3/22: Big Event
  • 3/26 – 4/2: Spring Break!!
  • 4/20: 1-2 Learning Center Hosts El Tioga