In Like a Lion…

Working hard in math.
What will happen?


Watch out Nyomie and Boden!









Culture Fair!











“In like a lion, out like a lamb.”  The old saying for the month of March will hopefully reflect our upcoming month as we begin our work studying and practicing kindness, and as we create, brainstorm, practice and preform The Big Event! And finally as we head into Spring Break…whew! (That’s the lamb, haha!)

This last week marked our last “normal” week before Spring Break!   The Big Event is about to take over CCS, so we spent this last week enjoying routine in the classroom and taking a much needed breather after our VERY SUCCESSFUL Arcade Project!

Ask your child about…

  • Monday Morning Mindfulness: The man who went to a party in his dirty clothes and the lesson he taught the guests.
  • Mindfulness: Creating cards for our Big Buddies to tell them just how awesome we think they are.
  • Kick-off to Kindness Month! Quotes of the day…kindness challenge charts…sharing ideas to promote kindness.
  • 1st grade math: Exit tickets and showing what we know about counting, reading and recording numbers to 120 or higher!  *Counting Strips are a HUGE HIT!
  • 2nd grade math: Playing trading up to try to reach 1,000.  Using known combinations to add two or more numbers and finding the difference between 20 and a given number.
  • 1st and 2nd grade writing: Creating flip books to convince others of our opinion and giving examples to support our reasons.  Some examples of books students are creating: Do snakes make good pets?  What is the best pizza?  What is the most important invention?
  • Problem plays: The way we talk to one another matters! (tone of voice, words, etc.)
  • Science experiments!  Do pencils poked through a water filled baggie create a watery mess?  What happens when you add a bit of food coloring and a squirt of dish soap to milk?
  • Visiting the 5-6 Culture Fair!
  • Big Event Choice: meeting with our scene groups!
  • All School Meeting and all of the creative dances preformed at the meeting.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Week of March 5 – 9: Big Event Scene Groups meet from 12:30 – 2:45 each day
  • Sunday, March 11 – Clocks change. Spring Forward 1 hour
  • Week of March 12 – 16: Big Event Scene Groups meet from 10 – 2:45 each day
  • March 12 – Parent Work Night for Big Event
  • March 21 – Noon Release and Evening Performance
  • March 22 – Optional School Day and Evening Performance
  • March 26-April 2 – Spring Break