Last Week was all about Outdoor Ed

Dear 1 – 2 Families,


We had beautiful weather on Thursday and then Fall came right on time Friday morning.

As the fall equinox was hitting Bogan Flats, our perfect fall weather turned into a

sprinkle and then a steady rain. The kids took it in mostly in stride and by the time we

had lunch in Redstone, the rain had stopped. We were really impressed and grateful for

all the parent support. An endeavor this big takes a lot of effort and we couldn’t have

pulled it off without you. So SHOUT OUT to all who loaned tents, helped load and

unload, set up, serve food, help with kids, get up in the night, clean up and transport.

Thank you. We also enjoyed getting to know our kids’ families a little better. 

All photo credits go to Angie. There were so many great shots we included them all.


Thanks for the cereal boxes! We’ll be filling them this week. We also finished reading

assessments and will begin small group literacy instruction next week. We’ll be using a

CAFE approach, Students will meet with a teacher at least 3 x/week for small groups

instruction and a conference. We will set their literacy goals and monitor progress

together. CAFE is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding

Vocabulary. Students will be working on different areas depending on their skill level and need.


First grade math has been working on addition and learning to use a math workshop.

Students work independently in small groups playing math games and exploring math


In 2nd grade math we reviewed how to tell time to the hour on digital and analog clocks.  We also reviewed money: pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and dollars and played a game to practice adding using money.

We also had Dr. Bruce at school last week and we learned about engineering bridges.

Ask your child which bridge was stronger – the flat bridge or the arch bridge.

*** Diana will be doing an El Tioga with 1-2 this Friday, September 29. Please contact her at if you are able to help prepare and serve!


  • Individual Picture Day is October 4.
  • Back to School Night is October 5 at 6:30 pm.
  • Potato Day is Saturday, October 7 and CCS will have a float in the parade. We are looking for volunteers to plan and organize our float. We also need parents to help with line up before the parade at 9:15 and then walk down Main Street to the pickup point at the fence on the south side of the pool. Contact Diana if you’d like to help with either the float or the parade.
  • Friday, October 13 will be an Early Release Friday.