Into October and the first snow!

We had another busy week. Monday’s snowstorm created a lot energy so it was wonderful to start Mindful Monday with Brad in the morning and finish the day with Mindfulness with Lisa where we continued to talk about our emotions and recognize that emotions are not forever.

In First Grade Literacy, we are all working on Accuracy. This week we’re focusing on vowels. Ask your child about the two sounds vowels can make. (They “say their name” and they have a short sound.)  

We worked specifically on blending words with the short a sound like man, bat, can, had, tax, etc. We read passages focusing on short a and we we wrote short a words.

In Second Grade Literacy, we are working on the vowel combinations and learned to Flip the Sound. Sometimes, ow at the end of a word says the long o sound as in ‘snow’ and sometimes it says the Ow! sound as in ‘plow.’ If it doesn’t sound right, try Flipping the Sound!”

Second Grade Book Club continues to read, The Mouse and the Motorcycle. The Fluency group has started a new Cam Jansen book and the Accuracy group is working on words with the ‘oa’ vowel sound.

We finished reading aloud Matilda and learned that no matter how small, we can all make a difference and do the right thing. We have now started a new read aloud, Leroy Ninker Saddles Up.

In first grade math we practiced reading and solving story (word) problems using the read, draw, write method:  We read the problem two times; circle the important information; draw a picture to reflect the problem; write a number sentence; write a word sentence.  

In second grade math we have continued working on using tools to help us solve more complex number strings, sometimes up to 5 single-digit numbers.  We are using strategies such as find easy numbers to make ten, add doubles, and using the V method to create easier addition problems.

We had a bunch of fun creating Mini-Me’s in preparation for Back to School Night. We then had a terrific time guessing who was whom. These Mini-Me’s will serve as labels for displayed work in the classroom.

We also wrote goals for the year in Reading, Writing and Math. In the upcoming weeks, we will start putting together our portfolios.

Thank you all for attending Back to School Night. It was great to have such a good turnout and we really enjoyed reading about your First and Second Grade memories. If you have any other questions that were not addressed, please don’t hesitate to email for call us for clarification.

We finished the week with a story from Maury, our storyteller.


Tuesday, October 31 is the Monster Dash. Your child brought home a Monster Dash pledge envelope in their Friday Folder. The Monster Dash will raise money for CCS Specials classes: Art, PE, Spanish, and the Learning Garden. Your child will collect pledges for every lap run.

Monday, October 16, we will have a special performance from the Log Ligi African Drum and Dance at 11 am.

Friday, October 13 is an early release day.

Friday, October 20 is Fall Break.