I have spent the last couple of months pondering what I should blog about weekly for Support Services.  I provide support for students kindergarten through 8th grade.  I support students with IEPs and students that need a little extra help through the RTI process. This support happens in the resource classroom or in the general education classroom.  I also help support teachers with providing modifications and accommodations to students as needed.  As the resource teacher, I would also like to provide support to parents through my blog.  While working with students at all ability and grade levels, I have noticed a theme.  All students, and most adults, do not know many of our language’s “phoneme secrets.”  Don’t worry, most people don’t know these until they are formally trained.  Knowing these secrets help many children understanding spelling and reading.

In my resource classroom I use the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach to help students master phonemic rules.  To learn more information about this program, please visit the link.

It is a perk of my job to watch a light bulb turn on for students.  This happens every time they learn a “word secret.”  I have also discovered that many adults do not know these secrets.  I will include a phonemic rule per week on my blog.  As a parent, I hope you learn something new and review these sounds with your child.