Thank you

Thanksgiving Group Photo

Dear 1-2 Families,

We are so grateful for all you do for us and for CCS. The El Tioga on Friday was a shining example of the time and effort our parents give to our school. It really was an impressive operation from set up to clean up. Thank you for making Friday such a success and for all you do throughout the year.

Ask your child about:

  • Positive intentions and the season of giving
  • The Energy Bus
  • The Mr. Sun song
  • Running the mile
  • Friday Choice

First Grade Literacy: We’re learning about the power of magic e and long vowels. It’s really exciting to see them taking off with this new skill and learning silent e expands their reading material.

Second Grade Literacy: Book Club is on track to finish Ralph S. Mouse before winter break. We can’t wait to hear all the new and interesting vocabulary words they have learned. Second Grade has learned about the soft sounds of c and g and when to use them (when they are followed by c, i, or y – as in giant, gem and gym or city, center, and cycle). We’ve also been working on building fluency this week.

1st Grade Math:  this week we wrapped up our geometry unit by showing what we know on end of unit assessment.  We played a game of BINGO as a celebration and as a way to recognize our numbers 1 to 100. Midway through the week we began our next unit which again spirals us back to addition, subtraction, and number concept.
2nd Grade Math: This week students focused on constructing, describing, and drawing rectangles. We also created arrays using tiles. Students worked on activities that focused on the structure of rectangles and rectangular arrays.
Dress for the Weather: Now that the weather is getting colder, the children need a winter coat, hat and gloves for P.E. and recess.
Ice Skating on Tuesday, December 19: We will be going ice skating at the Glenwood Rec Center with the kinders on Tuesday, December 19. We will need parent volunteers to help with putting on and taking off skates, as well as with skating on the ice. We plan to leave CCS around 9 am and will return to school for lunch. Let us know if you can help.


  • 12/8 Choice Day
  • 12/1 Coffee Chat with Sam
  • 12/7 Student Advisory Council 12:00-12:30
  • 12/20 – Noon Release Wednesday
  • 12/21 – Winter Break
  • 1/4 –  School Resumes


Playing Bingo to learn numbers to 100.
Moms are rocking El Tioga! Thank you!
Friends on the playground