The Big Event

Sun, sun, sun – here it comes.

A huge thank you to all the parents who made costumes, coordinated costumes, helped with set creation and tear down, helped with make-up, helped backstage, helped park cars, brought snacks, helped with concessions, practiced lines with your children and made this amazing production happen. We could not do it without you.



Angie and I hope you have a wonderful and rejuvenating spring break. When we return in April we will begin planning for our spring Outdoor Ed trip. The trip is scheduled for May 16, 17 and 18, and, thanks to Katie Fales’s family, we will be camping on some beautiful property in Snowmass, near the trailhead for Snowmass Creek. We will be talking about watershed, aquatic life and doing some fishing and hiking. First Grade will return to school on Thursday, May 17, and Second Grade will stay for the second night. We will fill you in on details as we begin planning for the trip.

Important Upcoming Dates

March 24 – April 2 – Spring Break

April 11 – Founders Day

April 13 – Early Release

April 20 – First and Second is putting on El Tioga

April 27 – May 11 – Dibels Reading Assessment Window