The caterpillars are here!!!!

Elephant toothpaste with Dr. Bruce.
Playing Roll-a-Square in 2nd grade math.
Mindful Monday with Lisa.


Practicing using our hand lenses to observe our caterpillars.
Studying our caterpillars

We are sure that you have heard all about the big news of the week…Vanessa cardui (aka…our painted lady butterfly caterpillars) are here!!!  The kids were thrilled at the beginning of the week when we let them in on our surprise – we

are studying the life cycle of the painted lady!  We welcomed about 40 caterpillars to the classroom on Wednesday.  It was a busy day setting up our caterpillars in their special cup homes and naming them (welcome Sonic, Harper 5,000, Fang, Jeffy, Bobby, etc…).  Students also fed their caterpillars and learned what they like to eat…mallow plants!

Each day we have practiced using our magnifying glasses to observe our caterpillars and recognize signs of life.  We also learned the parts of our caterpillar.  They have two kinds of legs!  We will continue to observe, study and record data about our caterpillars as they move through their life cycles!   We expect to have butterflies beginning May 16 – May 23rd.



1st grade: Solving put together/ take apart problems with one addend unknown, playing Tens Go Fish, discussing and remembering all the ways to make 10.

2nd grade: Thinking about and practicing place value: using a place-value model to represent a 2-digit number as tens and ones.  Playing Roll-a-Square. Please continue to work with your 2nd grader at home to memorize addition facts within 20.  Please let Angie know if it would be helpful to send home flash cards.


Keep reading at home with your children. End of Year literacy assessments will start this week.

Social Studies/ Writing: PLACE Projects

Your child has been working VERY hard on their social studies/ writing PLACE Project.  Each child chose a place that they are interested in studying and they have been researching their topic, creating a web with facts, and writing complete sentences with favorite facts.  This week students will finish their Place Projects by creating posters to share their topic with the rest of the class.

THANK YOU to all the parents who volunteered and came in to help students on their PLACE Projects.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer to help with El Tioga on 5/11.

Outdoor Ed

Info will be coming home next Monday, May 7th.

Upcoming dates:

  • 4/30 – 5/11 – Dibels Window is Open (we will begin the End of the Year reading assessments this week. Please read as much as possible at home!)
  • 5/4 K-4 Assessment Day (We will be finishing reading assessments on this day. We will contact you about an time for your child’s assessment.)
  • 5/11 – We host El Tioga
  • 5/16 – 5/18 Outdoor Ed Trip (First Grade will spend one night. Second Grade will spend both nights.)
  • 5/21 – Person/ Thing Project guidelines will go home with students (more info to come)
  • 5/28 – Memorial Day, no school
  • 6/1 – Person/ Thing Projects due
  • 6/6 – Triathlon in afternoon
  • 6/6 – 8th grade graduation
  • 6/7 – Noon release – move up and good by circle and field day
  • 6/8 and 6/11 – EOY Conferences
  • 6/12 – Teacher Work Day