Week Two is all about learning routines

Hello 1-2 Families,

We are enjoying getting to know your children and we are all starting to settle into our daily routines here in the 1-2 Learning Center.

Ask your child about:

  • Our Book of the Week, Giraffes Can’t Dance. What helped Gerald learn to dance
  • What makes words rhyme? (They sound the same at the end!)
  • Talking about and then writing our intentions for our handprint flags.
  • When to use capital letters and when to use lower case. (First Grade)
  • Using capital letters to start a sentence and when to finishing our sentences with periods, question marks and exclamation points. Identifying proper nouns including names of people, places, days of the week, months, and holidays. (Second Grade)
  • How to count to 20. How to build 20 using math tools and how to play the Ten-Frame game. (First Grade)
  • Discussing money including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars.  Identifying the characteristics of each type of money.  For example…a penny is brown and has smooth sides.  It is worth 1 cent and has a man on the front (Abraham Lincoln).  (Second Grade)
  • Preparations for Outdoor Ed and the Outdoor Ed countdown. We talked a lot about the menu and got some delicious ideas. Students wrote their own menu on Friday. We also read Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping. Amelia Bedelia is very literal and the results are hilarious. How did she pitch the tent? What did she do with the fish she caught? How did she finally save the camping trip from disaster?
  • Dee Dee the Fryingpan Dipper Bird and the lesson on bird habitat from the Roaring Fork Conservancy. What four things does a bird need? (Food, Water, Shelter, Space – a habitat is a wonderful place!)
Abby demonstrates what makes the Dipper special.

Outdoor Ed will be next Thursday and Friday. We have received several responses and will always welcome more volunteers. In fact, we need you! Please be sure to send in the paperwork with your child or bring it in yourself.  We understand it’s a very quick turnaround for the background check and it only takes a moment to complete.

We are in need of more tents for ODE.  If you have one you are willing to let us borrow, please let us know.

We still need a few more cereal boxes. If you have an extra, send it in! And thank you for all the boxes we’ve already received. We’ll be loading up our book boxes soon.

We are looking for one volunteer to come in and stuff Friday folders on Friday afternoons at 2pm.  Please email Angie or Shelle if you are able to help!

Next week we’ll have our first visit from Dr. Bruce. He’ll be doing a science lesson on Wednesday.

CCS Back to School night is Thursday, October 5th at 6:30pm.  This is a time for families to see their child’s learning center, learn more about the schedule and their child’s day, and meet with teachers.

First Grade learns about greetings in different cultures as part of learning which hand is the right one.