Welcome back!

Welcome back CCS students and families! We are so excited to see you back at school on Tuesday, September 5th. Please arrive on time. School starts promptly at 8:10 am. We look forward to meeting our new kindergarten students on Monday, September 11th. When you arrive, you will see a few new faces and you will see many familiar faces. I will introduce myself, Sam (your new Principal), on Tuesday morning, and I will also introduce Angie and Shelle, our new teachers in the 1-2 learning centers.  The 8th graders leave Tuesday morning for their outdoor education trip to Navajo Lake, so you will have to wait until the following week to meet Katie, our new 7-8 Science and Spanish teacher.  The teachers have been working hard this week and are prepared for your arrival. We’ve missed you!

Please see the following article for some Back To School tips:  http://www.postindependent.com/news/local/mountain-family-column-tips-for-a-smooth-back-to-school-transition/

If you didn’t get a chance to read the letter I sent introducing myself and sharing pictures of CCS staff, I have shared that here as well. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HO8FC3BTakpoSLxqvnuQmBREdi0fmgWFcRDShCddB00/edit?usp=sharing