At Compass, and throughout our schools, we strive to provide an ideal workplace that includes:

Clear Purpose
The mission of Compass is to foster lifelong learning.

Individuality Versus Teamwork
Compass stresses teamwork while still encouraging individual achievement and creativity. We work to blend the individual talents of staff members into a team concept.

Compass believes that the more freedom and input an employee has in performing her job, the greater meaning it will have to her, which increases her motivation to do the job well.

Sense of Fairness
Compass makes it a priority to treat every employee fairly. To that end, the rules are enforced in the same manner for all workers, from rank-and-file members to top management, without the appearance of favoritism or provision of special privileges.

Compass supports the ability to innovate. Innovation allows you to stay one step ahead of the curve and prevents stagnation. Employees are an excellent resource for innovative ideas and we seek their input.

Open Communication
Compass fosters an atmosphere of open communication. By communicating we gain valuable insights regarding the work atmosphere, such as learning about small problems before they can escalate. To encourage open communication, we ask school directors to make themselves visible instead of remaining behind a closed office door for the entire.

Constructive Feedback
School directors offer frequent and constructive feedback to employees. The purpose of the feedback is to help strengthen employees and the educational program.

Community Spirit
Compass provides an atmosphere that evokes a strong sense of community for all members: students; parents and staff. We are pulling together for the common good.

Access to Resources
Compass provides professional development opportunities and access to resources whenever possible. educational resources are also available to help workers develop their skills so they can become even.

Living the Values
Compass practices Guiding Principles based on integrity. These are more than words in a human resources manual; we practice these values in daily functions and require all employees to do the same.