Life is full of challenges. At Compass and our two public charter schools, we are asked to rise to them everyday. We — students and adults alike — are encouraged to try things we may have never done before, whether it’s climbing a peak, singing on the Wheeler stage, writing an essay for math class, or raising hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to maintain our high-quality programming and low student-teacher ratios.

And in the safety and support of this community, we do. We say yes first, and then we figure out a plan and make it happen. This kind of nimble, solutions-oriented mindset — so vital to succeeding in the 21st century — requires a lot of effort. It takes no shortage of gumption. And it brings great rewards, not the least of which is proving that with hard work, curiosity and a positive attitude we can accomplish anything.

Which is exactly what we’re achieving, but we can’t do it without you! Our students and teachers are excelling across the board — despite drastic annual cuts in school funding — and we need to stand up and throw our support behind them. We invite you to rise to this challenge with us. Say yes and together we will make it happen.

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Adrian Bradley & Bart Axelman
Lee & Keith Bryant
Michelle & Ross Jacobs
Tricia & Heath Johnson
Charlotte & Dean Lamm
Chris & Rick Pfaffmann
Marci Peters
Meredith & Todd Raarup
Robyn & Craig Scott
Dana & George Trantow

Bonnie & Ari Chopra
Danika & Noah Davis
Hilary Garnsey & Ben Peery
Kirsten Hardy & Corey Campbell
Stephanie & Dave Munk
Lisen & Todd Richmond
Susana Rodriguez & Antonio Palomera
Alexander & Josh Streblow
Taylor & Matt Verheul

These lists were updated on September 6, 2017. We apologize if we have inadvertently overlooked or misidentified you. We would be pleased if you would bring to our attention any discrepancies so that we may correct them as soon as possible.