Karrie Austin
Laurie Austin
Michelle & Michael Bassi
Nancy Bassi
Christine & Michael Batcher
Trevi & Jeremy Bennett
Kate, John & Will Bennis
Wendy Bertolet & Jason LaPointe
Katie Bird
Adrian Bradley & Bart Axelman
Diana Bradley
Mary Brooks & Mark Landa
James Bruno
Lee & Keith Bryant
Ellen & Robert Buck
Jeffie Butler & Kevin Sheehan
Mallory & Len Butler
Rhoda & Michael Campbell
Valerie & John Carlin
Pat Chamberlain
Alice & Michael Cook
Kathryn & William Drury
Diana & Jared Ettlinger
Emily & Jonas Ettlinger
Hilary Forsyth
Shirley & Timothy Foster
Aminah & Vincent Franze
Isabelle & Scott Freidheim
Marguerite & Cyrus Freidheim
Kara & Adam Gilbert
Michael Hayes
Cindy Hirschfeld & Todd Hartley
Galen & Aaron Hoover
Maria Kowar
Darcy Kyle
Charlotte & Dean Lamm
The Lawson Family
Maralynn Looney
Nancy Maron & Larry Soll
Gloria Marconi
Ernst & Wilma Martens Foundation
Tamme & Bill Mellenthin
Lieba & Mendel Mintz
Kukimo Morishita & Cristof Eigelberger
Nikita Lu & Dave Mullaney
Carol & Lawrence Madigan
Christy Maron
Stacie & Chris Martin
Laurie & John McBride
Erica & Tim Murray
Jodie & Bryan Nelson
Ann Nichols
Patricia Pelaia
Marci Peters
Mimi & Poppy Poirier
Meredith & Todd Raarup
Sara Ransford-The Arches Foundation
Helene & Bill Rintala
Caroline & Andrew Rushing
Heather & Ned Ryerson
Robyn & Craig Scott
Rachel & Brian Schaefer
Wido Schaefer
Tammy Scherer
Cindy & Gordon Sichel
Sara & Larry Soller
Robin & Pete Strecker
Annie Teague
Natalya & Boris Tenenbaum
Kristin & Riley Tippet
Jennifer & Peter Voorhees
Judith & John Waanders
Tillie Walton
Robert Ward
Susan Ward
Tommy Weems
Kristina & Mike Weller
Peter Wells
Casey & Joe White
Catherine White
Cynthia Wise
Kathy & Michael Yang


Julianna Aberger
Karrie Austin
Laurie Austin
Kimberly Baltzell & John Maine
Heather & Greg Bryan
Jennifer & Jon Calkins
Bonnie & Ari Chopra
Juleen & Kenneth Clements
Aimee & Ants Cullwick
Danika & Noah Davis
Emma & Benoit De Francisco
Cathie & Davis Farrar
Kalinda Garban
Rachel Garcelon
Georgia & Woody Garnsey
Hilary Garnsey & Ben Peery
Judy & Andy Girardot
Lynn & Lindsay Harris
Lucy Hahn
Michael Hayes
Denise & Bill Hilleke
Polly & Thomas Hilleke
Gail & Phil Holstein
Breckie & Matthew Hunt
Ed Jennings
Akaljeet Khalsa & Evan Zislis
Linda & Lowell Laycock
Tracey & Ned Lucks
Janet Madden
Laura Maine & Javier Gonzales Bringas
Ernst & Wilma Martens Foundation
Rachel & Jake Menke
Sara Ransford-The Arches Foundation
Sam Richings-Germain & Jeff Germain
Lisen & Todd Richmond
Fabiola & Carlos Saldana
Tammy Scherer
Elizabeth & Craig Shafer
Catherine & Stan Simms
Stacey & Chad Simon
Alison & Whelan Smith
Susan Stone-Chen & Simon Chen
Andrea & Nelson Suarez
Josh & Alex Streblow
Taylor & Matt Verheul
Casey & Joe White

Sending Your Gift
Gifts can be made any of the following ways. Thank you in advance for your support.

Donate Online via our secure server. Gifts made online may be one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Select a school to designate your donation towards by clicking on the dropdown menu.

May be made payable to Aspen Community School or Carbondale Community School
PO Box 336
Woody Creek, CO 81656

Stock Transfers
Stock transfers via Raymond James. Please contact COMPASS 970-923-4646 x129 if you have questions about making a contribution by electronic transfer of stock. Your broker will require the following information to expedite your stock transfer:
DTC: #0725
COMPASS Raymond James Account Number: 89604105
Please include donor name.

Wire Transfers
Can be made directly from your bank account to Aspen Community School or Carbondale Community School account: Please contact the school for the account details.

COMPASS is a 501c3, non-profit organization.  Donations are deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax ID# 84-0613297


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