Aspen Community School

ACS School News March 30, 2020

Here we are in Virtual Aspen Community School.  It is good to be together.  The Zoom school meeting was a big success with over 75 people viewing and many participating.  As all of the classes and services start online we will work together through this “new normal” Re-enrollment Forms are due before April 3rd.  Re-enrollment Form You can scan them to Cindy at or just send an email to this same address with your student’s names […]

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Holding onto certainties

Seated in my living room with coffee in hand, I listened to my daughter’s student-led conference. She reflected on her learning in math, reading, writing, Spanish, the arts, and science using vocabulary words I had never heard her say before. It was impressive. Note to self: she needs to read more. Then she shared what she is looking forward to: the Spring Musical, Outdoor Ed, racing a solar car, and being with her friends and […]

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K Spring Conference 2020 Summary

K Spring Conference 2020 Summary Hi Families! Thanks to every single one of you for allowing us to conduct online conferences. Zoom worked so well, and if there were connectivity issues, switching quickly to Facetime was a great solution. Here is a summary of what we talked about, and some reminders of things to do with the Ks during this extended break. (Read through to the bottom – there are some great resources!) Writing – […]

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Middle School Conferences

If you need a refresher on composers, here is a list of all of our composers this past year as well as their listenings!   Click here for composers!   This will surely help with your student led conferences this week. If you need a refresher on what you will be speaking on, here is what Hilary F. and I have come up with for conferences.   Student Led Conferences template – Arts   Email me at for any questions!

ACS is closed through April 17, 2020

Aspen Community School is honoring the Aspen School District closure through April 17, 2020. Continue to check in with this Alert page for current information. Our principal is working closely with classroom teachers to determine the best way to serve our students and families.