5-6 Learning Center

Language Arts and Social Studies

What’s News The 5-6 Weekly Newsletter January 22, 2016 Language Arts Next week: Spelling Lesson 12- Test Friday (Remember to look over grammar too) 5th and 6th grades- Pen pal letters will be written Mondays and Tuesdays and scanned on Tuesday. Their translator will provide them to the Pakastani students Wednesday and we should have replies by the following Monday after translators have completed the English version for us. We will continue this cycle until…

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What’s News 01/08/2016

What’s News The 5-6 Weekly Newsletter January 8, 2016 Language Arts Next week: Lesson 9 – 10 spelling – Quiz Friday as usual Social Studies: Culture fair (See calendar of assignments on website) Math: 5th: Fractions intro; 6th: fractions review, adding and subtracting, simplest form Science: 5th: intro to mixtures, solutions, suspensions; 6th: small kids-teaching-kids sharing of expo material with classmates Mind Trap: There’s a guy in a bed, and he’s dead! What happened? Important…

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6th grade Native American Assignment due Today!

Native American Report and Mini-Society Trade Use these websites http://www.native-languages.org/languages.htm http://www.ducksters.com/history/native_americans.php http://www.historyforkids.net/native-americans.html http://www.legendsofamerica.com/na-tribelist.html http://www.mrdonn.org/nativeamericans.html http://enchantedlearning.com our login and password (ccs2014) (Create a graphic organizer to record notes: Keep your information organized. Habitat Homes Dress Food Customs Tools/Weapons Art You will be writing a formal report about your tribe.  The emphasis is on the culture before Europeans.  Each category will be its own separate paragraph.  Please include 1 photo for each paragraph.  I will show you how to insert photos and…

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