ACS December Newsletter 12-11-2020

ACS December Newsletter 12-11-2020


Snow is here and school is humming along. We practiced an all school safety drill this week.  It was a “Lockout”. It lasted 10 minutes on Thursday morning. It all went smoothly. These drills are designed for us to practice safety in case of any danger outside like a “bear” on the playground. We locked the exterior doors and class work went on as usual.

Please come to All School Meeting Wednesday, December 16 to join together for the Winter Festival.  It is being presented by our Music Teacher, Abby Dreher, and the kindergarten through fourth grade classes. Tuesday afternoon students will be sent home with a small bag containing a nut free cookie donated by Paradise Bakery and a packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate.  We hope everyone can settle in with a hot drink and enjoy the festive songs!

We are fast approaching the last days to donate gift cards to the Family Visitor Center. The Ks are collecting donations for the Glenwood Family Visitor Center, as the annual holiday gift giving project. This all school project was created by our beloved teacher Annie Teague. 

We usually ask for in-kind donations such as mittens, gloves, books and toys but this year it is different. This year we are collecting gift cards from certain businesses for the moms and children who visit the center.

We’ll happily accept gift cards for any amount from the following 5 Glenwood businesses:

  • City Market
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • The Book Grove
  • Tesseract Comics and Games

*Please write the amount on the front of the gift card with a Sharpie.

We are accepting gift card donations until December 15

Students will sort the gift cards and place them in pre-decorated envelopes. Finally, a Kindergarten parent will take all of the envelopes to the Family Visitor Center. 

Thanks for participating in this wonderful holiday tradition!

With gratitude,

Margaret, Heather, and the fabulous Ks 

The Ice Rink is Open!  Students will be able to skate over recess.

2020-2021 Ice Rink Schedule

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:00-12:30 3/4 5/6 X 3/4 5/6
12:45-1:15 7/8 7/8 X 1/2 7/8
1:30-2:30 K’s (when it works in their schedule)

Rules of the Ice 

  • Students must have skates and a helmet to be on the rink.  
  • Only enter/exit from the designated spot (where the benches are).
  • We have limited sizes of skates to borrow if needed.  Bring your own helmet.

Kindergarten families watch for skating news from Margaret for Wednesday, Dec. 16.

As the holidays approach, the School Accountability Committee has created a way for parents to give a cash gift to the teachers and staff. If you would like to contribute, you can drop off cash or checks made out to the Aspen Community School with a memo of “Teacher Gift“. The funds will be evenly distributed between all teachers and staff (a group of approximately 20). Please do so by Tuesday, December 15th. Our intent is to make it easier for those families who may have students in multiple grades or simply want the ease of contributing to a group gift fund. 

For those families who would prefer to give gifts directly to teachers, that is still welcomed! Teachers love handmade cards and gifts from the heart. In lieu of collecting gifts in the Central Area, teachers will keep a gift bag in their classroom. 
*Please note this Teacher Gift fund is different from the Family Visitor Gift Giving program.


December Calendar

Dec. 16              All School Meeting – Winter Festival 9:00 – 10:00  Remote Learning Day

Dec. 18             Teacher Workday – No Classes

Dec. 21 – Jan. 4 Winter Break

Jan. 4               Teacher Workday- Teachers work on Report Cards

Jan. 5 – 11           Remote Learning

(We are asking all families to shrink social circles to your own households starting January 2)

Jan. 12              Tuesday – In School classes resume.

Please remember there is No school on Friday December 18.  It is a Teacher Workday.


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah !  Have a safe and wonderful Winter Break!