6 Chicks Pick up Sticks

6 Chicks…Pick up Sticks…

Highlights: Six chicks hatched! Our best brood yet… we will name them Monday and say goodbye to them mid-week.

See photos of Ks holding chicks  here!


Field Trip to The Aspen Farm Collective (Formerly Aspen TREE) We had a great day learning about goats, chickens, eggs, planting in the spring vs. harvesting in the fall, bees, etc. Take a look here!


Spring Hike! We hiked up to the top of Chris’s Hill! What fun and a gorgeous day we had. Thank you to the parent volunteers who joined us (see gratitude below.)

See photos here!



Reading: New Snap Words – him, her, so, no, go, by  Phonics focus: Having fun playing with sounds in illustration labels. Independent Reading: Poetry Packet!

Click here for a few May Independent Reading photos. 


Writing: Mid way through our Opinion Writing Unit 


Math: Moving along with Unit 8! We are becoming more fluent with addition/subtraction and combinations to 10. We hope you enjoyed solving your classmate’s story problem!


Science: We planted seeds last week with Ric Morrison – we learned a lot about how to plant and mark our seeds. (See some pictures below.) Click here for more pictures of planting seeds!


Gratitude: Thank you Ric for helping us plant seeds. Thank you Barb for driving us to The Farm Collective at Cozy Point (formerly Aspen TREE), and Corina for teaching us there. Thank you Kathy Yang, Alli Tekus, Nikita Lu, and Charlie Mullaney for joining us on our hike! Thank you chicks for being so cute. 


Important Dates:

Thurs., June 3 – K 2020-21 Potluck at Snowmass Chapel – more details later this week.

Weds., June 9 – Last Day of School


Happy Memorial Day! 

😊Margaret and Heather


P.S. If you have trouble opening any of the links to the photos above, please let me know and I will email them directly.