A Five Day Week…Yes!

A Five Day Week…Yes!

Highlights: How nice to have had a full week with these kiddos. We held productive reading groups, worked hard on Explorers’ Club facts, started Unit 6 in math, and experimented with our movement unit in science. We also had some social/emotional sprinkled in! 

Here are some shots from a few of the science groups this week:


Literacy: In reading this week we started our vowel study and we worked specifically with the letters a and i, and their short sounds. We have talked about how we flip the vowel to make a long sound, and they are understanding that too! We finished our “Where in the world” facts, and we added a picture, and fact, about each animal’s habitat! 

Math: We started Unit 6! Here is a brief explanation of Unit 6, called “How Many 

Now?” The focus of this unit is on the idea that one number can be broken apart in many ways. We also continue making sense of addition and subtraction through story problems and games that ask them to combine or separate small amounts. It also encompasses some measurement. Darcy also joined us for an enrichment activity on Friday. 

Here is a shot of Mila using cubes to measure her hand. Notice the recording sheet in the book that she used after she measured. 

Science: We focused on motion experiments with roll vs. slide. Students created a ramp and then rolled an object, then slid an object. We discussed whether rolling or sliding was a more efficient way of moving.

Social/Emotional: Beaver visited with a skit about treating each other gently. We also discussed facial expressions and how to use them to show how you’re feeling; we also talked about how to react if you see someone using the facial expressions. At all school meeting, skits centered on the apology and forgiveness tool were created and acted out by the 7th and 1st graders. 

Homework: Reading, Explorers’ Club fact (from an individual Explorers’ Club animal question), story problem about hippos

Gratitude: Thank you Wyatt, Becky, and Alex for the awesome snacks! Thanks to Ks and parents for working hard to have made the week very productive. 

General Information: 

Snack Queen will be Adina Mintz for the week of March 2.

We need someone for snack duty for the week of March 9. Please let us know if you can cover that.

Snack Queen will be Clementine Garfield for the week of March 16.

*We really do have plenty of chips. We still don’t need any more. Fresh fruit, veggies, hummus or a little allergen-free sweet would be perfect. Thanks!

Important Dates: *Note new events on March 11 and 18!

  • Weds., March 4 – K skating during lunch recess – If you haven’t already done so, please send in a helmet and skates if your child would like to partake. A number of Ks have skates and other skating equipment at school. 
  • Weds., March 4, 5pm – Empty Bowls at Bumps – please come for a soup dinner and support our art program and Lift Up in addition!
  • Weds., March 11 – K El Tioga to help fund outdoor ed! Look for information from Krysten Madigan for this event. 
  • Weds., March 11 9:15 – 10:45 – K Wellness field trip with Hilary and Veronica
  • Fri., March 13, 9:30 – noon – Guys and Dolls musical performance at Aspen High School
  • Weds., March 18 – Potential Nordic day at Snowmass Nordic Center – not yet confirmed
  • Thurs., March 19 – Fri., March 20 – Spring Conferences NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 23-Mon., March 30 – Spring Break NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 30 – Teacher Work Day
  • Tues., March 31 – First day back for students

Happy snowy weekend!


Margaret and Heather

Parting Shots: Cuties at music!