A Shorty but a Goody!

A Shorty but a Goody!                   

Highlights: We had our first Nordic ski day on Wednesday!



Literacy: This week we wrote another animal fact, which was what the animal eats. Ks are reading up a storm!

Math: We think 3-D shapes ROCK!!! We built clay 3-D shapes, played “Match the Face”, and discussed 3-D shape vocabulary: face, faces, vertex, vertices, edge and edges.

Homework: Reading, Explorers’ Club fact (young), Math – build a building with shapes (3-D shapes, please). 

A note about Explorers’ Club pages…we are teaching the Ks to read a fact, think about it, and write it in their own words. Even at this young age we can start to teach them about how important it is NOT to copy someone else’s writing. We can of course use some of the same words – you can’t really call “krill” something else – and they can copy the spelling of words, but as far as someone else’s sentences and paragraphs, we need to make sure they’re not copying to that extent. That means there is a lot of reading and discussion that will need to take place with adults, so they will need your help a bit more than usual with Explorers’ Club homework. 

Gratitude: Thank you Will, Ellie, Chris, and Lindsay for the yummy fresh fruits, veggies, other snacks! Thank you Mary Courtney, Lauren’s mom, for coming Nordic skiing with us. Thank you Ks for having such an awesome attitude!

General Information: 

Snack King will be Molly for the upcoming week of Feb. 10.

*We really do have plenty of chips. We still don’t need any more. Fresh fruit, veggies, hummus or a little allergen-free sweet would be perfect. Thanks!

NEW DATE: Wednesday, Feb. 12 – K Nordic ski morning #2  – We will be riding the bus to the Aspen Cross Country Center. We’ll leave at 8:30 from school, and we’ll leave the XC center at 11:30. Please let us know if you can join! With more potential terrain, it’s good to have more adults. 

Please remember to pack with the same stuff as last time – ski socks, extra snack and lunch, and please make sure they have a WATERBOTTLE, hat and gloves at school.  We DO need to bring water bottles this time since it’s away from school, so please be sure to stick a non-leaky one in their backpack if they don’t have one at school. Finally, please apply sunscreen to faces in the morning. 

Next skating session for the Ks will be Wednesday, Feb. 19 at lunch – please send in skates and a helmet if your child would like to participate.

Important Dates:

  • Weds., Feb. 12, 8:30-11:30 – Nordic skiing at the Aspen Cross Country Center 
  • Fri., Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – we do share valentines and have a low key party. More details later…
  • Sat., Feb. 15 – HOEDOWN!!! Our biggest party/fundraiser at Cozy Point – SUCH FUN!!!
  • Mon., Feb. 17 – Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL
  • Weds., Feb. 19 – Next skating day for Ks.
  • Thurs., March 19 – Fri., March 20 – Spring Conferences NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 23-Mon., March 30 – Spring Break NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 30 – Teacher Work Day
  • Tues., March 31 – First day back for students

Happy long weekend!


Margaret and Heather