Apres Horwarts

Apres Hogwarts!

Amazing owls and stars!

Highlights: The movie was a hit! What else is there to say? 


Reading: New Snap Words – come, too, love, are  Phonics focus: having fun playing with sounds in poetry Independent Reading: Using lots of sticky notes to find WOW pages, feelings of characters, proof of fiction/nonfiction, etc. 

Writing: Wrapped up How-To, starting opinion or persuasive writing! 

Math: Wrapping up with Unit 8! The focus of this unit is on extending the counting sequence to 100, including counting from numbers other than 1 and by 10s, adding and subtracting in a variety of contexts, and making sense of the teen numbers as a group of ten ones and some number of leftover ones. Students solve story problems, relate a problem to the equation it represents, and make up and solve stories for given expressions. Students develop fluency with addition and subtraction within 5, find the complement of 10 when given one addend, and work with the teen numbers in ways that highlight that those numbers are composed of ten ones and some number of ones. Students use their hands, and then a pan balance, to directly compare the weight of two objects.

Science: Our eggs are in the incubator! We are counting up to hatch day #21. We will be going on a field trip to Aspen Tree on Wednesday to learn about planting seeds. Also we will be planting seeds in the school garden with Ric Morrison on Friday. 

Gratitude: Thank you Rick Fanguy and Mel Sweet for picking up the chick eggs from Sustainable Settings. Thank you Ks and parents for coming to Assessment Day and rocking it!! Thank you Garry Pfaffmann, 7-8 teacher, for writing, directing, and producing our movie! Thank you Casey for making it happen outdoors. Thank you Jeffie Butler and Jenny Jones for putting on the Hoedown! Thank you to all parents and families who attended the Hollywood meets Hoedown!

Important Dates:

Weds., May 19 10:00 – noon -Field Trip to Aspen Tree

Fri., May 21 1:45 – 2:30 – Planting seeds in school garden with Ric Morrison 

Weds., May 26 – 10:00 – noon – tentative hike behind school

Weds., June 9 – Last Day of School

Happy End of Year! 

😊Margaret and Heather