CTB, Skating, Skits and Sharings!

CTB, Skating, Skits and Sharings!!

Highlights: We sure did pack in a lot for a four day week! After a day off in honor of Martin Luther King, we jumped back into reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic!

Wellness: CTB, trashcan tool, skating

CTB is going well…almost ready for Wednesday night! Here’s a sneak preview:


Wow! Our first skating lunch went as well as it could have gone. As you can see below, it was a multi-age effort enjoyed by all!!   


Ks got to teach the trashcan tool to the whole school at all school meeting today! They did so well. Here are some cute shots of their skits…   



And…more fabulous sharings!


Literacy: We learned about more word parts, thanks to Mabel! So far we have studied: ip, op, ap, ot, an, in, at, it. We are very close to being done with How-To books, and we’ll be on to the next writing unit!

Math: We almost finished Unit 4 this week. We’ll start Unit 5 (3-D shapes) next week! Darcy was able to come in on Weds. and Fri. to work on mental math as well. 

Science: Look what happened to the little balls that Steele brought in after we took the water away… 

What are these things made of?

Social Studies: Chinese New Year books and homework!

Homework: Reading, start valentine cards, Chinese New Year color coded sheet – we’re having a little easier homework week as I feel as though some kiddos were needing a bit of a break. Valentines do not have to be in until Feb. 14!

Gratitude: Thank you Anya, Julie, and Charlie for the yummy fresh fruits, veggies, and hummus for snack! They really ate almost everything!  Thank you parents for sending in skating equipment if your child wanted to skate. Thank you Tania Clark for helping us with reading again on Thursday. 

General Information: 

Snack Queen will be Mila for the upcoming week of Jan. 27.

We need someone for the week of Feb. 3 – any takers?

*We really do have plenty of chips. We still don’t need any more. The Ks are loving the fresh fruits, veggies, and hummus, and they’d probably like something sweet on the side. 

Next skating session for the Ks will be Wednesday, Feb. 5 – please send in skates and a helmet if your child would like to participate.

We started fitting XC boots this week – we’ll finish up next week and plan to go the following week – we will announce the date for parents to join. 

Important Dates:

  • Weds. Jan. 29 – CTB evening performance K-8 – time and details TBD
  • Thurs., Feb. 6 – K-4 NO SCHOOL – Professional Development
  • Fri., Feb. 7 – Professional Development – NO SCHOOL
  • Fri., Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – we do share valentines and have a low key party. More details later…
  • Sat., Feb. 15 – HOEDOWN!!! Our biggest party/fundraiser at Cozy Point – SUCH FUN!!!
  • Mon., Feb. 17 – Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL
  • Thurs., March 19 – Fri., March 20 – Spring Conferences NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 23-Mon., March 30 – Spring Break NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 30 – Teacher Work Day
  • Tues., March 31 – First day back for students

Happy X Games!


Margaret and Heather