Getting Ready for Hogwarts!

Getting Ready for Hogwarts!

*See email for photos!

Highlights: We have started the musical process! We are singing with the Ks in art class and regular class. We are studying the lyrics as a new poetry reading unit called “Avid Poetry Readers”. We went to see where our scene will be filmed – stars and owls will be ready to go soon!


Reading: New Snap Words – say, day, play  Phonics focus: long sound of vowels Independent Reading: We’ve been avid non-fiction readers, finding wow pages, asking questions, and learning topic words. We start out reading independently and earn some partner reading time. Here are some up to date photos:

Writing: We learned that it’s important to write directly to our readers in how to books, and that we need to use words that make the steps make sense. We can add an introduction to a how to book, and we can bold topic words! We’re almost done with How-To, and we will move on to persuasive writing. 

Math: Diving deep into addition and story problems!

Science: Finishing Explorers’ Club, starting our Ramps Unit.

Gratitude: Thank you Ali Tekus for subbing for both Heather and Margaret recently. Thank you Aaron Anderson and Kathy Yang, Aminah Zaidi, and Christine Shine for helping with costumes for the musical. Thank you Hilary Forsyth for leading us in a virtual Empty Bowls event, and for helping to teach the Ks music at the same time as teaching them art! 

Important Dates:

  • Monday, May 3 – K Filming Day! PLEASE plan to be here for that. 
  • Thursday, May 13, 1:15 – 2:15 – All School Read In 
  • Friday, May 14 – Assessment Day K-4
  • Saturday, May 15, evening – Musical Premier/Hoedown! 

Important Upcoming Information:

  • Musical Costumes: 

Stars: The Stars may want to wear a short sleeved t-shirt under their jacket, but it’s not necessary.

Owls: Could each owl please bring in a pair of black pants for their costume. 

Please label t-shirts and pants!

  • Assessment Day K-4 – Please remember that your child will come in for a one hour slot to come in and be assessed for spring report cards. Only one parent needs to come, and parents are not needed in the classroom during assessments. 
  • Musical Premier/Hoedown – This year we are combining the musical with our biggest, most fun fundraiser, the Hoedown! More details to come about this evening. 

Happy Hogwarts! 

😊Margaret and Heather