Gotta Love a 5 Day Week!

Gotta Love a 5 day week!!

Highlights: This week was a nice catch up week since it was our first full week in a while. We learned a lot about phonics! We had CTB everyday, and we learned a new tool at All School Meeting!

W Boys on their sharing Friday – they all brought in something fabulous to share!

Wellness: CTB! The teachers in this program match so well with our school because the way they interact with students is so similar – with respect, patience, and using they naturally use our tools. 

The 1-2 learning center taught us about the personal space tool. It is very important to give each other, and ourselves, enough space to feel comfortable wherever we are!

Literacy: We hit phonics hard this week, with lots of practice with word parts. Some of these parts are “power words” like it, in, at, an. Some of the word parts aren’t real words, but they are combinations of one vowel and one consonant that we read and write in words all the time. Examples are: op, ip, ap.

Math: Darcy was with us again to practice mental math. We also learned and played new collaborative games to reinforce new addition/subtraction concepts.

Science: CTB is helping us in this area! Tracy will read a few pages from a book of endangered animals, then the kids will do a dance as those animals. There’s a bit of discussion about the animals too. 

This is what happened when we applied water to the little plastic balls that Steele brought in. We drained them and we’ll see what they looked like after the weekend!

Social Studies: Martin Luther King sharing of books and pictures, song, discussion, focus on student paper book and I have a Dream writing for homework

Homework: Reading, MLK I have a Dream writing; math – practice counting and getting us ready for addition and story problems

Gratitude: Thank you Will, Lindsay, and Chris for the yummy snacks! Thank you Darcy for working with us on mental math! 

General Information: 

Snack Queen will be Anya for the upcoming week of Jan. 21.

Snack Queen will be Mila for the week of Jan. 27.

*We really do have plenty of chips. We don’t need any more this week. We just need some fresh fruit/veggies, and maybe some cookies or something on the sweet side.

Skating this Wednesday for the Ks during lunch recess! If your child would like to skate, please send in skates and a helmet. 

We are going to fit Ks for XC ski boots this coming week and then we will plan a few days to go out. The first couple of days we stay at school and then we visit one or two cross country centers. 

Important Dates:

  • Weds. Jan. 29 – CTB evening performance K-8 – time and details TBD
  • Fri., Feb. 7 – Professional Development – NO SCHOOL
  • Fri., Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – we do share valentines and have a low key party. More details later…
  • Sat., Feb. 15 – HOEDOWN!!! Our biggest party/fundraiser at Cozy Point – SUCH FUN!!!
  • Mon., Feb. 17 – Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL
  • Thurs., March 19 – Fri., March 20 – Spring Conferences NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 23-Mon., March 30 – Spring Break NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 30 – Teacher Work Day
  • Tues., March 31 – First day back for students

Happy MLK Day!


Margaret and Heather