Happy 100 Day Celebration!

Happy 100 Day Celebration!

Highlights: We had another 4 day week thanks to Presidents’ Day. On Weds. We took the Ks to the Aspen Nordic Center for a wonderful morning of cross country skiing. Thursday, afternoon we began our science unit on Motion, and on Friday we celebrated 100 days of school! See pix below!



Mila brought in a puzzle with 100 pieces to create with classmates! Other 100 Day collections have been posted in the back of the room!


Literacy: This week’s animal fact was about where in the world the animals are found. We used a blank world map to color in the places, and then wrote a fact about it.  We started our phonics focus on vowels. We continue to read and write like crazy!

Math: For the 100th day of school on Friday the Ks had many math activities. They each made a cereal necklace with 100 Fruit Loops or Cheerios on a string; they played “Race to 100” with Darcy, they built with 100 Legos, and they completed an “Addition to 100” sheet. They also brought in collections of 100 things, which are on display in the room now!

Science: We have started our Motion Unit! Sharing with district, we borrowed the K ramps and balls for the kiddos to set up ramps and test incline, speed, slide or roll, and a few other concepts. Here are some pictures!

Homework: Reading, Explorers’ Club fact (movement), story problem 

Gratitude: Thank you Violet and Laci for the amazing snacks!Thank you Lindsay Halsey for helping to guide our Ks around the Aspen Nordic Center on Weds. Ks had a blast! Thank you Garry P. for heading up another toolbox skit (please and thank you) that the Ks learned all about. Thank you parents for your hard work with your K on Explorers’ Club fact sheets., and for making sure that your K had all of the proper clothing for real skiing!

General Information: 

Snack King will be Wyatt Gooding for the week of Feb. 24

Snack Queen will be Adina Mintz for the week of March 2

*We really do have plenty of chips. We still don’t need any more. Fresh fruit, veggies, hummus or a little allergen-free sweet would be perfect. Thanks!

Important Dates:

  • Weds., March 4, 5pm – Empty Bowls at Bumps – please come for a soup dinner and support our art program and Lift Up in addition!
  • Fri., March 13, 9:30 – noon – Guys and Dolls musical performance at Aspen High School
  • Thurs., March 19 – Fri., March 20 – Spring Conferences NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 23-Mon., March 30 – Spring Break NO SCHOOL
  • Mon., March 30 – Teacher Work Day
  • Tues., March 31 – First day back for students

Happy snowy weekend!


Margaret and Heather

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