K Spring Conference 2020 Summary

K Spring Conference 2020 Summary

Hi Families! Thanks to every single one of you for allowing us to conduct online conferences. Zoom worked so well, and if there were connectivity issues, switching quickly to Facetime was a great solution.

Here is a summary of what we talked about, and some reminders of things to do with the Ks during this extended break. (Read through to the bottom – there are some great resources!)

  1. Writing – We will continue with Explorers’ Club when we actually return to school. When we start our version of online school, we will move into our last writing unit of persuasive/opinion writing. We’ll also try to throw in a little poetry.
  2. Reading – We’ll see what we decide to do as a staff, and we’ll let you know shortly after spring break. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to conduct small reading groups using Zoom, but we shall see…
  3. Math – We’re trying to focus more on mental math activities over this break; although online math activities, math games, and recording math problems or story problems are all great things to do. Here are ideas for mental math activities:
  • Count from 0-100 and beyond
  • Count down from 10-0, then 20-0, then 30-0, etc.
  • Tell the number that comes before and the number that comes after a given number. Start with 0-10 numbers, then go through 20, then 30, etc.
  • Practice addition facts that equal 10 (0+10, 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5) until your kiddo can recognize these easily as equaling 10. Then you can add more facts up to ten.
  • Tell an addition story problem orally, and then tell a subtraction story problem orally. Discuss similarities and differences between the two; and what makes it an addition or subtraction problem. You can write or draw these stories too, but the mental/visualizing piece is most important.
  1. Social Emotional – Practice using the 12 tools from our Toolbox social emotional toolkit, and discuss.

5. Additional activities and links:

        Writing – become penpals with your classmates, keep a journal, write letters to grandparents and other family          members, write lists of any kind, COLOR with crayons and pencils as often as possible…


  • Scholastic.com – take a look at the “Acorn” series, Elephant and Piggy series, Step into reading series, The Good Egg series, Macca the Alpaca, the Wonky Donkey, and more!
  • Pitkin County library link – go to https://pitcolib.org/digital-resources and browse for reading material for your K.

        Math – Along with the mental math ideas above, here are more links from Darcy, our amazing math specialist:


Enjoy this time with your families, getting outdoors and slowing down from the norm, and stay healthy!


Margaret and Heather