Lots of Fun Projects this Week!

Lots of fun  projects this week!

*Pictures would not upload onto blog this week…

Highlights: How lovely to have had Veteran’s Day off! Despite a four day week, we managed to get a lot done. Thanks for parents who helped prep clay so that the Ks could jump right into making something special for the holidays. We also made beautiful turkeys and used the leaves that they brought in (plus others that Annie had carefully preserved last year) as the feathers. We constructed “All about Thanksgiving” paper books which will come home next week, and we launched Unit 3 in math which is a unit about 2-D Shapes. The week ended on a high note when we spent a good part of our afternoon on Friday listening to our first grade buddies reading to us! What fluent readers the first graders have become!                           

Wellness: We had a wonderful lunch with our 7th grade buddies. The 7th graders do such a nice job of engaging with the Ks, and so Ks feel comfortable. With this comfort, we hear some super sweet conversations. They are really getting to know each other!  Also we had many parents help this week with the clay project, assisting Ks with sharings, and spending a few extra minutes at pick up or drop off reading, looking at work, or helping Ks organize belongings. Parent help in such ways serves to enrich our academic program and makes our Ks feel extra special and very loved.

Literacy: In reading we continued to focus on snap words and matching sounds with letters. We continue to practice reading 3 sound consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) nonsense words (ie: jeb, kiv, lun). This practice is important because if they can read these “chunks” correctly, their reading fluency starts to take off. Fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. Fluency is important because without fluency, reading becomes laborious and comprehension can be lost. We also had our first “retelling” which helps with comprehension. We will be doing more retellings in the next few weeks. We were inspired by hearing our first grade friends read to us!

In writing we learned about a new “Narrative” checklist for Ks to use when they finish a piece. We are teaching them to look back at their work to edit upper case/lower case letters; spaces between words; matching letters with sounds; spelling snap words correctly; matching pictures with words; writing a page for the beginning, a page for the middle, and a page for the end in order to tell a complete story; and making sure they can read what they wrote in order to make sure that their words make sense. Wow! That’s a tall order for 5 and 6 year olds, but they are rising to the occasion! They love sharing their stories with each other, and they are starting to naturally help each other become better writers with compliments and suggestions. They are learning so much!

Math: We launched Unit 3 – Make a Shape, Fill a Hexagon – 2-D Geometry:

The focus of this unit is on identifying, describing, and comparing attributes of 2-D shapes, naming shapes, considering the features of specific shapes (e.g., a triangle has three sides and three vertices), and composing and decomposing shapes from and into smaller shapes. Students look for 2-D shapes in their environment and use materials such as pattern blocks, Geoboards and clay to make shapes. They use paper shapes to make a mural, fill puzzle outlines using pattern blocks, and discuss different ways to compose a hexagon using pattern blocks shapes. Throughout the unit, students hear and use positional language to describe the location of the shapes with which they are working.

Homework: Reading, ABC book page (please read directions for guidance with this), game – “The Great Turkey Race!” Students helped to create this game board from the fictional book The Great Turkey Race. Please play this game with them and ask about the book. They may want to add more “move ahead or move back” spaces which is great, as long as the reasons why come from the book. For example there is a space that says something like “Pull down headband, go back 2 spaces.” That is because in the book, one of the turkeys pulled down the headband of another turkey so that the turkey couldn’t see and then lost the race. Also please have your K color the game board for the portfolio. We will make a color copy at school to send home if they’d like to continue to play. 

Gratitude: Thank you Adina and Lieba for the delicious snacks. They even made allergen-free Rice Krispie treats! Thank you to 7th grade buddies for getting to know the Ks. Thank you to parents for extra time and care spent with us either on a project or in the classroom. Thank you Hilary for allowing us to use her room even while her classes were going on. Thank you Veronica for eating with us at lunch sometimes. Thank you Sarah Hopkins for teaching us how to prep and make the clay pots. Thank you Kristina Weller and the first graders for sharing your reading books with us. Thank you parents and teachers for attending the AEF Flamingo dinner. Thank you Krysten Madigan (Molly’s mom) for laying the foundation to this year’s upcoming gift giving program. Please read about this below:

Special Event: The week after Thanksgiving we will embark on our “gift giving” project. This is a tradition started by our beloved Annie to introduce Ks to the concept of donating and giving to others in our valley who may need help. We will be collecting items such as hats & mittens, toys, books, and personal hygiene products. Then on December 11 we will spend part of our morning packing these items into pre-decorated paper bags. Finally parents will deliver these bags to the Family Visitor Center in Glenwood. Our own Krysten Madigan (Molly’s mom) will be laying the foundation for this year’s gift giving program. Stay tuned for more info next week! Thank you, Krysten!!!

General Information: 

Snack King will be Steele for the week of Nov. 18th!

Important Dates:

  • Mon., Nov. 25 – Fri., Nov. 29 – Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL!
  • Weds., Dec. 11 – Gift Giving Celebration (details later)
  • Thurs., Dec. 12 – K-4 Winter Musical Celebration (evening time TBD)
  • Fri., Dec. 13 – Assessment Day 
  • Fri., Dec. 20 – Teacher Work Day
  • Mon., Dec. 23 – Mon., Jan. 6 – Winter Break
  • Tues., Jan. 7 – First day back

Enjoy another gorgeous weekend!!


Margaret and Heather