Nordic Day #4!


Highlights: We had a fun morning skiing with a small group from the Rio Grande off of Stevens Street, until we were almost across from the airport!  Click here for more photos of the day. 


Reading: New Snap Words – how, you, am, did; Phonics focus: vowels Independent Reading: Remember to use snap word power to help you read – sometimes a snap word can have an ending. For example “look” can change to “looking”, or “like” can become “likes”.

Writing: We launched our “How To” unit! This is informational writing for Ks. We taught them that just like there are different breeds of animals, there are different kinds of writing. 

Math: We launched Unit 6, called “How Many Now?”. Here is a summary of the unit: The focus of this unit is on counting sets of up to 20 objects; decomposing the numbers to 10 in a variety of ways (e.g., 7 can be seen as 5 and 2 or as 3 and 2 and 2); using notation to describe addition and subtraction situations; finding and exploring combinations of a number; and solving addition and subtraction story problems. A variety of contexts are used to help students develop accurate counting strategies including Inventory Bags, measuring, games, and the Counting Jar. Students revisit addition and subtraction situations, including story problems, which they model, solve and represent on paper.

Science: Explorers’ Club! This week: learning about your animal’s food and young

Homework: Reading, Explorers’ Club, Math Seeds

Gratitude: Thank you to the Ks for working so hard and for creating such beautiful work. Thank you Michelle Bassi for helping us learn to read. Thank you parents for making Cross Country Ski Day #4 happen!

Important Dates:

  • Thurs., Fri., March 18 & 19 – 3-Way Zoom Conferences – NO CLASSES – please have your child join the conference. I will send a link to the conference the night before. 
  • Weds., March 24 – Cross Country Ski Day #5 at North Star Preserve
  • Fri., March 26 – Musical Tryouts!!
  • Mon. March 28 – Fri. April 2 – Spring Break 
  • Mon., April 5 – Teacher Work Day
  • Tues., April 6 – First Day back after Spring Break

Happy almost spring!!!! 🌷

😊Margaret and Heather