Welcome back to a new decade!

Welcome back to a new decade!!

Highlights: Our return from break went smoothly for a couple of days, and then Ks were dropping like flies with a couple of different viruses. We hope you all had a chance to rest over the weekend!

We began Celebrate the Beat (CTB)!! All of the Ks did SO well. They were completely tuned in to Tracy and Emma, the two amazing teachers. What little stars you have – the performance is going to ROCK!

We also had some top notch sharings! Catch a glimpse of the week below:


*Violet shared her How To book that she wrote over the holidays, and shared it with the hot chocolate machine that she wrote about. 

*Steele brought in the colorful little balls. When you add water, then grow! I’ll send you a pic of the results next week…

*One more wonderful event during choice time this week, the girls decided to move the tables and chairs, and use their rest pillows and blankets to make a fort! Look who’s photo-bombing in the back…

Wellness: All of the above!! We also learned about a new tool at All School Meeting – the “words” tool. The 5-6 acted it out. Ask your K about it!

Literacy: We introduced our new set of “no excuse” snap words (Units 1 and 2 in the homework folder). These are the words the Ks can be held accountable to read and spell correctly. We noticed a jump in reading ability during the week as well. This often happens after winter break. How To books will be wrapping up at the end of the month, and then…get ready for…Explorers’ Club! More about that later.

Math: Moving on in Unit 4. Darcy is able to work with us twice per week this month on mental math. She was in twice this week, and it’s such fun to have her. Ask your K about time spent in Darcy’s center!

Science: We didn’t have a lot of time to continue Narcissus science this week, but thanks to our sharings we were able to discuss the science involved in those things. We hope to get back to Narcissus science next week. 

Homework: Reading, In January I like to…, math adding sheet, and there may be work to finish if it wasn’t done over break. Please use the snap word lists to make flash cards!  

Gratitude: Thank you Leo, Wyatt, Jessica, and Joseph for the yummy snacks! Thank you Tracy, Emma, and Terry for the amazing CTB instruction! Thank you Casey for bringing them back! Thank you kids and parents for remembering to bring back snow clothes, and for being generally awesome. Thank you Jesse Amory (our incredible head of maintenance) for building our ice skating rink!!!

General Information: 

Snack King will be Will for the upcoming week of Jan. 13.

Snack Queen will be Anya for the week of Jan. 21.

*We have plenty of chips. We just need some fresh fruit/veggies, and maybe some cookies or something on the sweet side.

We are going to fit Ks for XC ski boots this coming week and then we will plan a few days to go out. The first couple of days we stay at school and then we visit one or two cross country centers. 

Finally…the skating rink opens this week. Ks will alternate Wednesdays during lunch recesses to skate. They do need to bring in their own skates, socks, and a helmet if they want to skate. Helmets can be bike, ski, or another kind. 

Important Dates:

  • Fri., Jan. 17 – Vision and Hearing screening – more details to come…
  • Fri., Jan. 17 – Report Cards due – they will be sent to you the following week.
  • Mon., Jan. 20 – MLK Day – NO SCHOOL
  • Tues. Jan. 28 – CTB evening performance K-8 – time and details TBD
  • Fri., Feb. 7 – Professional Development – NO SCHOOL
  • Fri., Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – we do share valentines and have a low key party. More details later…
  • Sat., Feb. 15 – HOEDOWN!!! Our biggest party/fundraiser at Cozy Point – SUCH FUN!!!
  • Mon., Feb. 17 – Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL

Happy New Year!


Margaret and Heather